Faerie Book Recommendations

Who here loves reading and hearing about the fae? I do! Though, I’m sure this seems weird to many of you, as I don’t seem to read many books with the fae in. And there is a reason for that. If you saw my post on what I want to see in fae books from a while ago, you’ll have an idea why. I’m incredibly picky, but I really do love reading about the fae. So I wanted to give you all some recommendations of fae books that I have read and loved.

I won’t lie. In many aspects, these may not be what you’re looking for in a fae book. The adult series recommended on here may be up your street if you’re big on faerie romance. As it does have a lot of what seems to be popular. But there are specific reasons why I also personally enjoy it. The other two are just YA books featuring the fae, but they’re really good reads. I promise.

Ironspark by C.M. McGuire

Ironspark by C.M McGuire

This was a book that didn’t really expect to like very much once I actually started it. Mostly due to the use of the Seelie and Unseelie courts. Especially as the family are supposed to have moved from Wales. Not Scotland. Sigh. But I read it, and I really enjoyed it. You’ll find my review here if you want to know how I felt.

Why do I think you guys should read this book? It’s a fun, dark adventure involving the fae. There are definitely trigger warnings for things like fire and mental illness. So check those out before going into the book. But it felt like something like Supernatural but with teenage characters. Our main character is ridding her town of all the bad fae and protecting it. She has an ex-girlfriend who is also one of the fae, and it’s a lot of fun. There was a bit of a cliffhanger at the end. Personally, I really am looking forward to knowing what’s coming next. So be warned, this is an ongoing series. But it’s definitely worth it.

If you’re looking for something fun and action-packed with the fae? This is the book for you.

Fear the Drowning Deep & Dread the Harvest Moon by Sarah Glenn Marsh

Fear the Drowning Deep by Sarah Glenn Marsh

Technically only the second of this duology is attributed with including the fae. The first talks about sea monsters. But both books feature different forms of the fae. Mostly Manx, but there are some others from places like Norway too. These are historical fantasy novels set shortly before and around the First World War. Each of these books follows a different sister, as they try to deal with the fae attacking their small village and protecting the people in it.

There’s plenty of romance in these books. Fear the Drowning Deep features a het romance, but Dread the Harvest Moon is queer, so there’s something there for you either way. They are short but very well written with really strong characters. I would say these books are romantic but in a sense more of a gothic romance. A lot of the romance is in the setting, and the dark things going on around them. But they aren’t gothic books per se.

If you’re looking for fae books to find out more about the fae? This duology really is a great place to go. I’m someone who enjoys reading up on different types of fae. But I didn’t know the vast majority of the creatures that popped up in these books. I really enjoyed looking them up as I read. I hope you will too.

The Cainsville Books by Kelley Armstrong

Omens by Kelley Armstrong

The final recommendation. And the only adult one. This is a completed series of five books, and there are some short stories and novellas set in the world too. This series is often tied with crime or mystery; due to the fact, the protagonist is the daughter of two serial killers. And she spends these books looking for proof that they didn’t murder the people they’ve been accused of. It’s incredibly interesting, and the cases she stumbles across as she looks into it are too. But the reason why it’s on this list? She stumbles across a fae lineage in her and her two possible love interests past.

This is a series with a love triangle and a reincarnation plotline. But don’t let that put you off. With these characters being adults, there’s no bitter jealousy or petty fights. Even though there’s hurt, the characters deal with it and continue to be friends. In this life at least. It’s very well done, and I actually enjoyed her romance with both of the guys.

If you’re looking for steamy fae books, this is the series for you. However, wing kink is not something you’re going to get here. There are once again a few varieties of fae. But they’re mostly forms of Fae from Wales. There’s nothing about courts or anything like that in these books. So it’s probably different to what you’re used to. But I’m so glad of it.

If you love faerie romances and mysteries, then I highly suggest checking this series out. Even if it doesn’t sound like your sort of thing. You won’t regret it.

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