May 2021 Reading Recap

Oh man, I can’t believe that it’s been another month. The end of month posts are a little late this month as I’ve had a couple of blog tours, but I’ve finally gotten time to schedule them in. My reading this month has been terrible. I’ve had a lot going on, and I’ve been super distracted. I still read plenty of books, and I’m not disappointed in myself. Like hell, I can’t help not being able to read properly. But it’s definitely a lot less than other months.

So let’s get into those numbers!

I read 12 books in May, the lowest number of books so far this year. Less than most of last year, actually. All but one of the books I read this month were gifted. Either they were given to me to review or borrowed from a library. The single book I read that I’d bought for myself? Yeah, that was a re-read. So that wasn’t great. Next month, I plan to focus on my owned books. I’m not to request any more ARCs unless it’s a book that I really desperately want to read. And I can’t buy any new books unless I’ve already read five books off my owned TBR. I do have three ARCs that I do need to read, but I’ll get into that on my June TBR post.

As for how many books I bought? Well, I got 16… Way more than I read, and that’s really not good. With book shops reopening this month, I’ve wound up spending a lot of money. The majority of these were secondhand, so it could have been a lot worse. But it really highlights the fact that I need to slow down on my book buying.

My favourite book this month was, unsurprisingly, Cursed Luck by Kelley Armstrong. I’ve got a review posted here if you want to read into why. A book by one of my favourite authors, and one that plot-wise, was exactly the sort of thing I like. It was so much fun, and I highly recommend it.

This is where I’d usually write some mini-reviews, but since I’ve already reviewed the majority of what I’ve read… I’m not sure there’s much of a point. So I’ll be skipping those this time. But next month I’ll try to write four or five.

How did your guys reading go this month?

7 thoughts on “May 2021 Reading Recap

      1. I’m just jealous. Honestly, I have struggled with a reading slump for the past year I think. Audiobooks have been working for me since I have a long commute to and from work every day. My attention span has been shot to hell, but I am forcing myself to read at least 50 pages a night.

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