Indie Book Spotlight – Fantasy

I don’t know about you guys, but I really need to start picking up more indie books. There are plenty I’m interested in, and I do have a few I need to read. I want to make more of an effort to go out of my way to read some so, I thought I’d start by doing a series of indie book spotlights. To start with, a lot of these books may be books that I was asked to review. But in a few months, I’d like to do the second parts with more books that I’ve actually bought.

We’re starting on with fantasy, as let’s face it, that’s mostly what I read.

Kingdom Cold by Brittni Chenelle

This is one that I was very lucky to get a physical copy of a few years ago. The author is incredibly lovely, and pretty much all her different series look good. This is just the only one I’ve read so far.

This is a YA fantasy that follows Princess Charlotte who is being pushed into an engagement she didn’t want. But when her country is attacked on the day of her engagement, she may have to make a deal if she wants the chance to save her family and people.

It has been a while since I’ve read this one, but I’m planning to reread it and finally finish out the trilogy. It’s very short and a very easy read. The characters were fun, and a character I actually didn’t like in the first one is more important in the next two. So I’m really curious as to how Brittni will make me like him.

This is a diverse YA fantasy that I’m pretty sure is suitable for younger readers.

Available on Kindle Unlimited

Amazon UK

A Smuggler’s Path by I.L Cruz

Another YA fantasy here and another that is definitely suitable for younger readers. A Smuggler’s Path is the first book in what I think is a trilogy, but currently, the first two books are all that’s out. I’m eagerly awaiting the next instalment and most definitely plan on buying it as soon as it’s out. I read both of the books as e-books very kindly as part of a tour.

In the country of Canto, magic has been outlawed, and smugglers can make a fortune collecting and selling it on the black market. Inez is one of those smugglers. She’s also the daughter of a noble. Living a double life, when Inez discovers that she has magic also, she winds up involved in something she never expected.

I absolutely adored the two books already out. I keep checking every now and then to see if the third is available, and I usually forget to check on indie release dates unless I see them elsewhere. That’s how much I love these books. They were fun reads with some great world-building, and I definitely recommend them.

Amazon UK

Wolves of Adalore by Morgan Gauthier

I’m unsure as to whether this book is YA or Adult because, honestly, it could be either. This is another book that was sent to me, but one I didn’t finish myself. That being said, this book has major Game of Thrones or Falling Kingdoms vibes that I know plenty of people other than me love. So I just had to recommend it to you all!

This is an epic fantasy following a varied cast of characters. It has short chapters, so you’re never with a single character for long. Yet each chapter still successfully moves the story on. You have three siblings: Niabi, Crispin and Salome, who are fighting a war for the crown. They’ve all lost someone and a prophecy could be leading them all to war and chaos like they’ve never seen.

Though this book didn’t work for me, I still appreciate the author’s work on this book. In one chapter, I’d be hating a character, and in the next, I’d be feeling for them. It’s a whirlwind of emotion and action, and it’s definitely one more people should be checking out.

Available on Kindle Unlimited

Amazon UK

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