Reading Around Your Job – Is There Time?

If you spend quite a few hours working, you may find that your time for reading is cut in half. This sucks if you read for enjoyment, but there are ways to find time to read. And to still enjoy your other relaxing activities.

Read Around Your Shifts

If you have a long enough lunch break, or perhaps you can read in between customers or calls, you should take advantage of this. When you’re working, you’ll want to relax in any way you can. Though you could game or just sit on your phone. If you’ve been looking for more opportunities to read, then this could be it.

As well as that, if you have a commute then that’s perfect reading time. If you’re walking or driving, then you can listen to an audiobook. But public transport means that you can read any form of book. I kind of miss having a job with a commute because I used to get so much more reading done. I’d be reading before work, during my lunch and on the way home. It was great.

Read Right Before You Sleep

So we all know we’re not supposed to be staring at screens an hour before we sleep. That doesn’t stop us, but we probably shouldn’t be watching TikToks all night until we sleep.

If you’re looking for more reading time, then try to schedule some in before you sleep. It’s a relaxing activity, even if you do it on your kindle or listen to your book.

Don’t Stress About How Much You Read!


If, like me, you’ve been out of work for a while. Or even if you’ve just had a job where you had more free time before. It does suck when suddenly all your hours are full. It feels like you’re getting through books a lot slower than you should. But that’s normal!

You probably don’t want to be spending all your free time reading. You might want to see friends or family, you might have chores or have other things you want to do. You need to find time for those as well.

So if you don’t read as much because you’re working? That’s fine! However much you read a month is awesome.

Do you guys have any tips for reading around your workday?

4 thoughts on “Reading Around Your Job – Is There Time?

  1. I used to listen to audiobooks on my, albeit short commute but since the pandemic hit, I’ve switched to working from home.
    On a morning, I’ll set myself an alarm and work in short blasts of 20-45 minutes. If I’ve had a really productive session, I might treat myself with 5 minutes of reading. Shh, don’t tell my boss! 🤫


  2. This is a brilliant post!

    I squeeze in reading whenever I can! I work from home which is helpful and I read whenever I get a short break. I also listen to audiobooks when cleaning the house and walking the dog.


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