Write A Scene Challenge #1

So this is a new thing that I’m trying out. It’s going to be completely unedited – aside from a quick read through. So please excuse any mistakes. If I do anything with this, it will be fixed later on.

The point of this is that I want to get back into writing. I have loads of ideas, but I’m just not writing them. The fact I don’t want to means they’re just not working for me. The fact I don’t know where to start suggests to me that I need to just…try out some stuff.

So, I posted a few polls on Twitter. And each poll would be a character or a location for a snippet of story. I’ll write a first draft of a scene and post it on the blog. If I’m happy with it, great, could be something to work on. If not then at least I’ve written something.

I’m posting this online so people can actually hold me accountable. I’ll probably do a few idea generation challenges and it should be fun.

Feel free to tell me what you think of the snippet. I don’t really need any constructive criticism as it really will just be a quick first draft to see if I can fall into a story. But I do wanna know if people like the characters or the world. As I could work with that for something…well, something I put more effort into.

The prompts I got this time were assassin, tavern and thief.

He hated pubs like this.

Grubby holes in the wall where people like him were supposed to hang out. Many did, which was why he was there right now. But personally, he preferred something a little classier.

He looked down at the tankard he’d been handed and grimaced.

Cleaner too.

Leon’s gaze travelled across the room as he looked out for the man he was tracking down. A thief who had taken something from one of his clients. He was supposed to dispatch the guy immediately.

But Leon had other plans.

His fingers tapped on the tankard. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught sight of movement. His grasp tightened around the handle and he swung the cop behind him. It crashed into someone’s chest, spilling ale everywhere. The guy cursed loudly, and Leon let a tiny smirk settle on his lips.

This was the thief he’d been looking for.

“Sit down, Jacob. I might have a job for you.”

I….do not know what that is. I am unsure if I even like it or not. It’s not what I even assumed I’d be writing for it. But it’s interesting that someone is shucking a job to hire someone else.

I also immediately went into third person which is unusual for me. I usually write in first person. So that could be why I’m not a fan. I’m wondering if I straight went into third person because the prompt gave me ideas based off a ship I rp. And that’s obviously third person.

Still, it was a lot less painful to do than I thought. I assumed I’d be stuck for ages trying to come up with something. So I’ll definitely have to do this again. Hopefully I’ll produce something I like more next time.

2 thoughts on “Write A Scene Challenge #1

  1. I like your writing style! I’ve done something similar to this where I write down my short snippets of stories whenever they come to me. I’m trying to write my first book but struggling with the actual writing as it’s been a looong time since I wrote a full length story 🤔

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    1. Thanks! It tends to be quite chatty and character-based but I have fun with it.

      I get what you mean with the struggling though. All you can do is just get yourself to sit down and keep writing it. If you stop enjoying it or run out of ideas, that wasn’t a book you were meant to write yet and try something else. Hope that helps!

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