Book Review: Have You Seen Me? by Alexandrea Weis

You don’t see me blogging about thrillers or mysteries very often. I do enjoy them, they’re a genre I’ve gotten more into over the last few years. But I find that I’m very picky with what thrillers I want to read. Especially when it comes to adult thrillers. But Have You Seen Me grabbed my attention from the off. I love thrillers and mysteries where the main character isn’t a detective or a police officer. So a teacher and her students looking into some missing girls? I was intrigued. I was able to read an early copy of this book thanks to Black Crow PR, so thanks again Jamie.

Lindsey Gillett is missing. And she’s not the first girl to vanish without a trace. That’s the first thing the blurb tells you. Aubrey is a new teacher at Waverly Prep after having graduated from there years before after one of her classmates was murdered. Now with a new girl missing, she agrees to help her students look into the case in the hope that it would give them some closure.

Now, the students are a lot trickier than I thought they’d be from this summary. These kids were both incredibly smart and incredibly dumb. Their friend had gone missing and they were determined to hunt her down. But this book has a slasher twist and sadly not all of them make it.

I did like all of the kids, even if they could be horrible. I liked Aubrey too. I’m fascinated with where this book took her and where her path is going to go next. The book ends with the beginning to another mystery and I know this is going to be a series that I gravitate towards.

The slasher vibes in this book are excellent. I suspected someone early on only for them to turn out to be a red herring. The deaths themselves were pretty horrible and I definitely wouldn’t want to see them on screen. But they worked to really highlight the danger everyone was in.

That being said, I did have some issues. One thing I noticed, and it has been mentioned in others reviews was that a Native American tribe is mentioned. They’re a group that the characters want to talk to. Only they kept being referred to as Indians. Not every time, I saw tribe and the Chitimacha mentioned a few times which was better. But Indians was used and this is a finished copy so I know it’s staying in there. I’m not Native American myself, so I’d rather hear from other Native Americans on the matter. But I do feel like most don’t like the term Indian being used to describe them. So that did bug me.

That aside this is a short and easy read. I read most of it in a day even though I was feeling pretty sick. I was very intrigued by the disappearances and murders and I want to see where this series takes Aubrey next. I wouldn’t say I hugely enjoyed the book personally, even if I did get through it super fast.

It is however a book that I’m pretty sure is going to do so well this Halloween. Mystery, romance and some gruesome deaths. You’re all going to love it.

2/5 Stars

Title: Have You Seen Me?

Author: Alexandrea Weis

Genre: Thriller

Age Range: Young Adult/Adult

Publisher: Vesuvian Books

Release Date: 17/08/21


Amazon UK 

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