Blog Tour: The Meeting Point by Olivia Lara

It’s not a secret that I adore chick-lit, so when I have the opportunity to be part of a tour for a great sounding new book. Thank you very much to Write Reads Tours for allowing me to read this book. I don’t read much American chick-lit, so it’s always nice to dive into some.

Maya was surprising her boyfriend on a trip when she gets a text from his Lift driver. He was cheating on her, and now her birthday is ruined. But the driver feels for her. So he organises her an itinerary for the perfect day at a nearby beach town. They spend the day texting, and Maya finds herself in love.

That summary was all I knew when I picked the book up. What I didn’t know was that the day itself was a short part of the book. I wasn’t expecting to see Maya coming back, but I did think that worked well. It allowed her to get to know people there a bit more, as well as her love interest.

Maya forms some good friendships. I really liked Celine. She was such a good, positive person, and she always made me smile. I also loved seeing Maya’s long-distance friendship with Alisa.

From the very beginning, Maya didn’t really know what she wanted to do with herself. She finds herself in this small town, and that was good to see. It’s also why I consider this a chick-lit rather than a romance novel. Even if the main focus is on her trying to find this guy again.

I did have some issues with Maya as a character. It frustrated me that she was annoyed about someone else writing the story of what happened to her. It didn’t only happen to her, so it just feels like she was bitter that someone else did something with it before she did. That being said, she did have a good heart. I loved that she kept trying to do good things and help people. Even when she was lost, she was still helping others find their happiness. And that is so admirable.

Though this book does seem like insta-love, you do actually get to see some relationship building and growth. Maya and her love interest had some good banter and some cute moments. He’s a romantic guy, and I’d probably be pretty interested myself.

The writing wasn’t perfect either, but the story is very easy to get through. The chapters are short, and I easily got through half the book in a single reading session. This book is a great example of a beach read. So if you’re looking for a light read to get through in a day. This book will give you that for certain.

3/5 Stars

Title: The Meeting Point

Author: Olivia Lara

Genre: Chick-Lit

Age Range: Adult

Publisher: Aria

Release Date: 02/09/21


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