Book Review: Judgement Day by Josie Jaffrey

I don’t talk about sequels very often on here unless I’m reviewing an ARC. But since this is a self-published book that I did review the first book for? I really wanted to get a review up for this one.

Judgement day is an adult urban fantasy with thriller/mystery vibes.

We follow Jack Valentine, a Silver, who works with a police-like force to protect humans from finding out about the Silvers. In this one, a human woman is found dead in a library. The smell of Silver on her brings the force in. Jack has more than enough on her plate already with probation and trying to figure out how to tell her girlfriend she loves her. But this case turns out to be a lot more than she expected.

I stayed up stupidly late to finish this book. Seriously, I was sat there at 1AM looking at Josie’s website and seeing certain characters from this pop up in her older books. It made me want to dive into them. I’d tried one before and hadn’t been able to get into it, but now knowing one of the protagonists and how they used to be? I really want to pick them up again. I’m having to make myself wait until this series is finished, or I’m going to be wondering what happened to Jack and Killian.

If you’ve not seen these books before, you might not know what the Silvers are. It’s what vampires are called in this series. They can go out in the day and mostly drink blood from bottles, but they’re still vampires. Humans aren’t supposed to know they exist, and it’s Jack and her team’s job to keep it that way. But for how long? I’m not going into detail as spoilers, but this book got heavy on vampire politics.

In the first book, I mostly shipped Jack and Killian. But I was okay with her and Tabitha. This time I couldn’t stand her. Some reveals about her are made in this one, but even before them, I was done. It felt like she didn’t trust Jack, even as she said she did. Jack turned others down when offered. She wasn’t about to cheat. But Tabitha was all, ‘it’s not you that I don’t trust.’ Please. It was very frustrating.

I did enjoy the banter between Jack and Killian a lot. I sent quite a few screenshots to a friend for ship comparison, and it was just perfect. I loved their attitude and the way they tried to play each other. And that ending… I definitely saw it coming, but it pleased me anyway. I cannot wait to see where their relationship goes next.

The other characters were great again. I’m a big fan of Cam, and I loved seeing the teamwork together. They clearly have each other’s backs, and it’s just a wonderful example of friendship.

Vampires aren’t something I’m a huge fan of anymore after binging too many series back in the day, but I love how Jaffrey portrays them. I’m loving this world-building and knowing how all these normal our-world scenes are going to change in the future. I can’t wait to see how she starts to bring it all together.

This book was a great sequel, and now I just need more.

5/5 Stars

Title: Judgement Day

Author: Josie Jaffrey

Genre: Paranormal Thriller

Age Range: Adult

Publisher: Self

Release Date: 05/05/21


Amazon UK | Author Website (signed)

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