Book Box Review – Abraxas Boxes

As book lovers, we all love book boxes. I’ve written about them a few times before, but we’re getting more UK-based boxes now. Abraxas Boxes is a new fantasy book box. I’ve gotten two of the boxes so far, so I thought I’d type up a mini-review for what I think of the box as a whole.

So as I said, Abraxas Boxes is a UK-based fantasy book box. It goes on sale monthly and has already reached the stage of needing a waitlist when September is only going to be their fourth box! That’s pretty damn amazing, so let’s all keep supporting them.

Something different they do is a muse of the month. If you’re subscribed to Abraxas, your name will be put in a random generator, and you’ll have the opportunity to be their muse of the month. What that means is they will commission a fantasy inspired art piece of you for their theme art. That will come with a mini-story for the picture after they ask you a few things.

I really love that idea because it allows their subscribers to really feel involved with the box. Plus, who doesn’t want fantasy art of themselves?

The books in the box so far have been a mix of YA and New Adult, we’ll see in the future which they focus on. Two of the books so far I’ve heard of, but one I hadn’t. I’m also not sure what the book for September will be. So that’s a nice mix of how well-known the books are. They are, however, not signed. These are just the standard hardbacks, but that’s not a bad thing. This box is new, after all.

I’m a little torn on the items so far. The candle I got in my first box wasn’t scented, but it was impressive. It wasn’t the sort of candle I expect to get in a book box, but it’s so cool. I’ve also received two pins, and they’ve been super cute, so no complaints there. But the vast majority of the items are kind of lacklustre. They are usually pretty useful, and there’s not been anything that I hate or want to get rid of. They just aren’t anything special.

When the items are good, they’re really good. So considering this is still a new box, I’m expecting the items will only get better as they go.

The box is priced at £28 a month plus shipping. So it’s a decent price considering you get between 4 and 6 items with a hardback book. If any boxes are leftover and go on sale in their shop? Then they’ll cost you £30 plus shipping.

I would recommend this box to others. It is still new, but the premise is so fun, the theme art is always lovely, and when an item is good? It’s amazing. There has been so much variety in the box so far, and they’ve already included two queer books within the three boxes they’ve shipped. We love that! The box is still finding its legs, but I’m pretty certain that one day this is going to be a box that can compete with Illumicrate and Fairyloot.

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