Which Maria V Snyder Fantasy Series Should You Start With?

I decided I wanted to do a few more fun things on my blog. So why not try making a quiz? I used to make them all the time as a kid on Quizilla, so why not create some bookish quizzes? They’ll be fun for me to write, and hopefully

I’ve written a post before about some of Maria V. Snyder’s various series, and she does have a couple of sci-fi series. But for this quiz, I’m going to focus on the fantasy ones. There’s three different series set in different worlds. If you like one, you’ll like them all, but one of these might appeal more than others.

Where would you rather go on holiday?

  1. Somewhere sandy with a lot of sun.
  2. Up in the mountains where I can hike and climb.
  3. Somewhere in the countryside with stables.

What would you rather snack on?

  1. Jerky.
  2. Nuts.
  3. Chocolate.

Oh no – you’re on the run. Who are you avoiding?

  1. A religious sect.
  2. A hot megalomaniac
  3. Your cousins

What’s your ideal job out of these?

  1. Archaeologist
  2. Doctor
  3. Politician

Pick a type of magic

  1. Mind reading
  2. Healing
  3. Talking to animals


Mostly 1s – You should start with The Eyes of Tamburah. This is Snyder’s ongoing series with the final book in the trilogy out later this year. It follows Shyla a Sun-Kissed archaeologist as she helps a friend find some legendary gemstones. But chaos ensues and the gems are stolen as soon as they are found. Shyla is blamed and she has to find them to clear her name.

The Eyes of Tamburah is a desert fantasy filled with secrets, rebellions and plenty of romance.

Mostly 2s – You should start with Touch of Power. This is a trilogy filled with elemental magic that has been expanded upon. Avry is a healer in a world where healers were blamed for a deadly disease. Many people are hunting her down, so when a team breaks her out to get her help. She decides to go along with it, at least until she can get away but King Tohorn wants her, and he won’t stop until she’s in his power.

Touch of Power is a romantic fantasy about a world trying to find it’s way back after a disease and the war that can follow.

Mostly 3s – You should start with the classic Chronicles of Ixia and Poison Study. Yelena was put in prison for murder. She is pulled out from prison and is given the chance to live as long as she becomes the Commander’s poison taster. When strange things start to happen around her, she’s the only one who can figure out what’s really going on to stop it.

Poison Study is the first in a nine book series that deals with politics, magic and found family.

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