Writing Fanfiction

I know I’ve spoken about fanfiction before. I talked about how important it is and how it’s something we should celebrate it. I wanted to do some sort of guide on how it can help writers and I’m still not going to do that. But I do want to talk about how writing fanfiction can affect what I’m reading.

So, I’m in a new fandom now. It’s been a few weeks now, but I’m still catching up on canon and reading fanfiction. It’s been pretty nice and I’m filled with ideas. Weirdly enough, I haven’t slipped into AU territory yet. And that’s kind of what’s affecting my reading.

They say read what you write, and sometimes you don’t even need to do that purpose. I’m into a series about fictional idols, that’s making me want to read romances and contemporaries more than I do my usual fantasy and sci-fi. And with that, I’m wanting to write more fic like that. I probably wouldn’t write an actual chick-lit novel though I’ve debated it before. So this is kind of fun.

It’ll be interesting to see when my reading tastes switch back if I’ll suddenly be back into AUs again. Most probably, but I can’t say at the moment. That being said, for another ship in a different fandom, I am in the mood for fantasy stories. So it might not be long until I’m reading it again.

Writing and reading at the same time is making me very aware of the quality of my writing. I’m not actually hugely happy with the fics I’ve written and put up recently. But my next one will be better, that I’ve already decided. And reading more contemporary will probably help with that. The more I’m reading it, the better I’ll write it, right?

Any of you guys write fanfiction too? Do you find it’s affected by what your reading?

5 thoughts on “Writing Fanfiction

      1. I’ve been in many fandoms. Never properly Supernatural but I was writing a fic for my sister at one point with us as self-inserts solving cases with Sam and Dean as she wanted it. There’s definitely a lot of fun you can have with Supernatural so it must be a good one to write for!

        My current fandom is a Japanese mobile game called Ensemble Stars and my last fandom was My Hero Academia.

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  1. Definitely a lot of fun! Your fic sounds great ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m more of a shipper, S1 nostalgic. I’m just glad the fandom is still alive, I signed up for an exchange a couple of weeks ago, hehe.

    I’ll have to check them both out ๐Ÿ˜€ TV series are my jam, but I’ll read everything as long as the plot is interesting!

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