Should I Request Every ARC I’m Interested In?

I’ve been at this book blogging gig for a few years now. I’ve written a guide for new book bloggers looking for ARCs. I recommend checking it out if you haven’t already! But I also know that once you start requesting books…it can be very tempting to request every single one that looks good. Later, when people start contacting you offering you books to review? It becomes even more tempting to accept everything, especially if you’re offered a physical copy.

You can’t do that.

You shouldn’t even request every book you’re interested in.

I know it can be tempting. I know we all want to support and review every book that sounds awesome. But the reality is that we don’t usually have time. Technically, unless you’re a part of a tour, you can read and review your ARCs at any time. This includes after the book has been published. If you need to push a review back every now and then, that’s fine. I’ll also add that if you’re disabled and that slows you down? Or something bad has happened recently, and you just need a break? I’m not talking to you. I know reading can be difficult, and it can take people time for perfectly understandable reasons. If that’s you? Then I totally get it, and you do you. But for those who don’t have problems reading? This is for you.

If you have a lot of review copies that have now been published, and you’ve yet to review them? That’s not good. When a publisher or even an author sends you a book, they do so you can help support the book. They usually want support before the book is released. If you’re not getting to it until long after the book is published? That’s not really what the publishers want. Sometimes life happens, and you have to push them back. That’s perfectly understood. What isn’t so great is if you’re going wild requesting stuff and then aren’t really doing what the publisher has granted you the book for. When you get granted an ARC, you’re so lucky. You should be excited and find joy in requesting them. Just try not to go too crazy.

If you already have too many books, you need to try to get through your lists. Maybe not all in one go, and you won’t do so fast. But unless there’s a book you’re really excited about, try pausing on requesting until you do have the time. There are readathons dedicated to getting through ARCs sometimes, but if there isn’t one coming up then do one by yourself.

Don’t forget that you don’t have to just be reviewing the new and hyped books. If you have limited time and other things you want to read, then you can post about them instead. At least one person is bound to find it and want to talk about those books too. Hell, I like rambling about chick-lit and there are still people who want to read those posts.

Blog about the books you love. Sometimes that’ll be review copies and other times it’ll be owned books. It’s whatever you have time for and enjoy.

Personally, I don’t always request ARCs for books that I’m super excited about and am planning to buy. If I’m gonna be able to read it physically in a little while, sometimes it’s nice to do that. Not always. Sometimes I just can’t wait or I discover a book by seeing that I can review it. It can be a lot of fun, but I know I need to balance.

Sometimes I do go on sprees and request too much. Even I’m guilty of that. I don’t think I’ll get many of the books, so I request loads. Then get them all. But I still make sure to get as many read before the release date as I could.

You guys can do that too! If you have a load of ARCs then get reading! Enjoy all these books that you’re excited about and hey, you can still DNF if any of them don’t work for you. I know you’ve got this! But from now on, try not to request too many.

Unless you know you have time for them all.

2 thoughts on “Should I Request Every ARC I’m Interested In?

  1. Very sensible advice. Like you, I’ve been blogging for a few years now and even now its very tempting to request all my favourites but you can’t. There just isn’t enough hours in the day!

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