Looking for Indie Recs

As a book blogger, I’m obviously very lucky to get offered indie books to review every now and then. I’m super picky about which I accept though, as I only have so much time. I’m also on the judging panel of the BBNYA awards this year, which has given me the opportunity to read even more indie books.

When it comes to those I accept to review, I seem to have a lot of good luck. These indies books are great and I can happily scream about them.

Yet when I go to buy indie books that I’ve seen online that I’m interested in…I keep DNFing them. I don’t know why this is. It’s not like I’m not ordering books that don’t interest me. But when I actually get to them, they aren’t working.

Examples of this are The Lost Mage by Ben Alderson, Awakening Shadows by Sydney Hawthorn and The Nichan Smile by C.J Merwild.

They’re all fantasy books with intriguing plots, they seem like they’ll all have plenty of romance and I was so excited to read them. Something about the writing in all of them just hasn’t worked. Some of them I’ve not gotten along with the switching perspectives, though I can read fantasy with multiple perspectives, these just have felt too quick.

So I thought, why not ask for your guys help?

I’m looking for fantasy with a lot of adventure and romance. I want plenty of banter, strong relationships and a lot of fun. Action is good too, but I’m very much a character and relationship-focused reader. Most probably YA or NA, but I’ll take adult. I want plenty of romance, but I’d prefer books with a single perspective. Preferably a woman’s perspective, unless it’s queer. Then I’m fine with a male perspective. I’ll read other things too, but this is just what I’m after at the moment.

Any recommendations?

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