Manga Review: When Will Ayumu Make His Move? volume 1 by Soichiro Yamamoto

It’s been a little while since I reviewed some manga, but when I saw this one I was curious. I’ve watched a little bit of Yamamoto’s previous series Teasing Master Takagi-San on a friends recommendation. It was pretty and funny and cute, so I was hoping that this would be too.

When Will Ayumu Make His Move follows two high school students who are the only members of a shogi club. Ayumu has a crush on his senpai, Urushi, but refuses to admit his feelings until he can beat her in a match. He’s not that subtle though, and she keeps trying to get him to admit his feelings.

Each of the chapters of this are really short. They’re only a few pages each and they feel like separate episodes, which is pretty typical for these types of comedy manga. Unfortunately, I didn’t find it that funny. It was really repetitive and I really don’t know what to think of Ayumu and Urushi’s relationship. They definitely had some cute moments, but it also bugged me that he kept trying to put her off inviting other people to the club. I know he wants her alone but it would make her happy so why does it take him until the end to agree?

The art was what I expected. I’ve seen another series by the manga-ka, so I know how he draws. It’s not my favourite though. It’s not a series I’d be drawn to for the art, but I don’t hate it either. It was just kind of eh. The female love interests are often quite young looking, which is a little weird with Urushi being older. I think that’s definitely a Yamamoto thing and it isn’t something I’m really that keen on in.

I was actually a little disappointed by this volume. I thought it would be a fun comedy series for me to get into. Sadly, I found it kind of dull.


When Will Ayumu Make His Move is a serialization in Weekly Shonen Magazine and has been since March 2019. It’s published in tankobon volumes in Japan and is also translated by Kodansha.

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