Books I Want To Read Before the End of 2021

We’re in the final month of the year. I can’t believe we’re so close to the end of 2021! I’ve not yet completed my GoodReads challenge, and I’m not sure I’m going to, but that’s okay. I’ll just read what I can and see if I can manage it.

Today I want to list a few of the books that I plan on reading before the end of the year. I have another ARC to read, and I plan on reading a few Christmas books too, but I won’t be listing those today. These are just a few books from my physical TBR that I want to get to.

I’m not going to be listing them in any particular order. All of these books are in series. In fact, two of them are sequels, so I won’t be going into too much detail. But if anyone would be interested in a buddy read, let me know.

Grave War – Kalayna Price

So we’re starting off with an adult urban fantasy and the final book in a series. This series has followed Alex Craft, a grave witch with ties to faerie and the murder cases that she gets pulled into. The paranormal and fae elements in this book are actually interesting, even if the fae are stereotypical in a way that I don’t usually like.

This is a series I started off years ago, but I’ve finally been getting through in the last year. I didn’t need to reread the first two books and was able to slip right back into the series. That’s perfect, and I’ve enjoyed every single book. I’m sad to be ending this series with this book, but at the same time, it’ll be good to be ending the year by ending another series.

I don’t read as much paranormal or adult urban fantasy like this anymore. And most of what I do read is continuing series I started a few years ago, so I don’t know if I’ll be picking up anything else like this any time soon. But maybe this book will make me want to.

Fire Falling – Elise Kova

This is the second book in a series that’s a good few years old now. In fact, I’ve owned Air Awakens for…I don’t know how long. I won a signed e-book copy of this book during a Twitter event, and I could just never get myself to sit down and read it, even though I tried a few times and liked it. This year I bought myself this bind-up of the whole series. The cover for it is so pretty, and it meant that I had all the books in that series to get through.

I read Air Awakens finally back in August, and I’d love to get through another book before the end of the year. I’m not sure what this second one is about, but the first book followed Vhalla. Living as a library apprentice, when one of the princes was injured, she and the other apprentices were instructed to find a cure. When she sends her findings out, she leaves traces of magic, and after that, she has to decide whether she wants to keep her sorcery and train or to have her magic destroyed.

I did enjoy the first book, and I’m excited to get to this one and finally be reading on in this series. Hopefully, I’ll get through the rest of the books a bit quicker in the new year.

The Kinder Poison – Natalie Mae

The common theme with all these books is that I’ve been wanting to read them all a while. This is the first book in what I believe is a trilogy. The third book isn’t being traditionally published, as the publisher is no longer interested. But the author will be self-publishing the final one next year. So this is clearly a great time to finally get to this one. I only got copies of the first two books recently, so I’m actually getting to these pretty quickly after buying them.

Zahru is a stable girl who can speak to animals, she’s always dreamed of getting out of the desert, but that’s very unlikely. When the dying ruler announces that an ancient tradition, The Crossing, will be enacted to decide which of his heirs will take the throne. During the events, Zahru decides to sneak into the palace. She wanted to experience luxury at least once, but she gets caught. Her punishment is that she will be the human sacrifice during this race, and she now has to figure out how to survive.

This series does sound completely up my alley. I’m excited to finally be getting to it after putting off buying it so many times.

And that’s it! I was going to put another book on this list, but since it is a reread, I decided to leave it off. I’m excited to get through all three of these, so here’s hoping I’ll get to them soon!

8 thoughts on “Books I Want To Read Before the End of 2021

      1. I have curbed my buying (ish) and put them all on Goodreads so at least I know which ones I haven’t read! That is as far as I will get for the moment. The total number of novels on my shelf is 93…

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      2. 🤣 I recon I could probs get through them in a year and a bit. There are so many other books coming out in the meantime though and I love a blog tour 🤣


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