Welcome to 2022

My first post of the year is a little later than I’d have liked, but things have been pretty busy for me. Still, my stats have been going strong. A big thank you to everyone who has been visiting my blog recently and even within the last year. I wouldn’t still be here doing this without your support, so I truly appreciate you all.

I wanted my first post of the year to be one where I talk about some of the things I have planned for this blog this year. I’ll still be posting reviews and rec lists, but there’s so much more I can do, and I’m excited to see what I can come up with.

This year I’ve attempted a quiz as well as some reading tags. I’d love to do more of those! I’m not sure what they’ll be themed after yet. So if you have any ideas then feel free to shoot them my way. But they’re something fun that I can do that you can all use too.

On that note, I’m also planning on growing my social media. So with that in mind, I want to write a few more posts on bookstagram and how to improve at it or have a bit more fun. I’ve been doing it a few years, and I’m definitely still learning myself, but I love sharing what I do know. I might not have any ideas how to take super pretty pictures, but I can help you work out how you can learn to.

I’m also going to write a little more on manga and games. I’m thinking about introducing game reviews this year if I can actually manage to play enough of a game. On top of that, I want to make more comparisons between games and anime I like and books. That could be a lot of fun and give you something new to check out whether you’re into books, games/anime or both!

Finally, I want to start some sort of challenge on here. I’d be participating, but you all could too. It’s not quite going to be a readathon, but I’m not sure how it’s going to look. Either way, I want it to help both me and any of you reading this. So keep an eye out for that too.

I hope 2022 is going well so far for you all. If you have any ideas you’d like to see on this blog then let me know!

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