Lindsey Kelk: Queen of Chick-Lit

If you’ve spoken to me about romance or chick-lit before, you’ll know I adore Lindsey Kelk. She’s one of my favourite authors ever, and I devour every book she puts out. It’s been a while since I wrote a post focused on one author. So today, I’m going to tell you a little about her books, tell you why she’s an excellent example of chick-lit and ask you to all check her books out if you haven’t already.

Lindsey Kelk is a British author who currently lives in the US with her husband and cats. She’s passionate about both makeup and wrestling, and she writes some incredibly fun contemporary books for women. They’re always hilarious, always emotional, and I adore her work so much.

Generally, her books get considered contemporary romance or romantic comedies, but I would still personally consider them chick-lit. I know some people don’t like the term, but it’s one we all know that I still use happily. I’d argue her work is chick-lit as though it is very romance-focused, you also get to appreciate and enjoy the side-characters stories and relationships too. They’re single POV – apart from We Were On A Break – and told in first person. They suck you in completely and allow you to get lost in the characters heads.

As well as that her characters sometimes pop up in the other books. Only cameos generally, and apart from the two series, she does mostly write standalones. You can read all of her standalones in any order without needing to read any of her other books. But if you have, it can add some joy.

Her most recent standalone is On A Night Like This, which follows Fran Cooper. Her life was going nowhere, until one day, she makes a wish to change her life. Suddenly she’s on a yacht working as an assistant to a celebrity. One day, she literally runs into a handsome American man who promises her one perfect life. They can’t be together, not living so far apart with such different lives, unless something happens on this night to change it all.

I haven’t actually read this book yet. It’s on my immediate TBR, but I did just finish a reread of The Single Girl’s To-Do List. That book was just as enjoyable years later, and I enjoyed the bonus novella we got in the new paperback. Rachel, the protagonist, is supposed to pop up in this new one, so I’m very excited.

If you’re looking for fun contemporary books with adults that have a lot of romance, but just as much focus on careers, friendships and family too, then Lindsey Kelk could be for you. The author herself seems completely lovely, and I can’t help but recommend her books to everyone that I can.
Check her books out, guys!

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