Pop Punk Book Tag

I love pop-punk music. I listen to a wide variety, but if I had to single out one genre, I’d have to choose pop-punk. My top two favourite bands are Simple Plan and Marianas Trench. Then there’s also Arrows in Action who are quickly moving up the list. Obviously, my main passion is books, so when I saw Alyce from The Bumbling Book Blogger Youtube channel post her pop-punk book tag…I obviously had to do it!

Fat Lip by Sum 41

“You don’t wanna waste your time”

A book you DNFED

This is a really hard one as I DNF a lot. Like, to a point where I think it might be a little ridiculous? I’m glad I don’t force my way through bad books, but jeez. That however means that this was a hard one. I decided to go with a book that I gave up on recently and that’s The Hawthorne Legacy by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. I loved the first book in the series and was so excited to get to this one. And then well…I can’t say why I gave up on it as spoilers. But the romance suddenly got very uncomfortable and I wasn’t about that.

Monsters by All Time Low

I don’t mind if you ruin my life”

A book that destroyed you

The Forevers by Chris Whitaker really did destroy me emotionally. Was it a favourite book? No. Was it one I think everyone should read? Yes. This book tackles how teenagers and other people might feel if they knew the world was ending. If they’d known for a few years. There’s a lot on religion and a mystery aspect and it was pretty painful, I don’t know if I’ll ever reread it, but I remember it being powerful and serious affecting me.

Secrets by State Champs

“You’ll never really know what this means to me”

A book you love but can’t sum up your feelings for

For this, I’m going with Touch of Power by Maria V. Snyder. Most of my favourites I can sum up my feelings for. But this one…it’s not anything particularly special. There’s elemental magic, good friendships and a hot evil king. Yeah…I wish I didn’t feel that way about Tohorn, but I do. I really couldn’t say why I love this series so much, but I’ve re-read it a few times. I still think you should all read it though.

A Part Of Me by Neck Deep

“She’ll always have a part of me”

An old favourite

I’m going with Wither by Lauren DeSetafano for this one as I reread it recently. Finally. So this is the first book in a dystopian trilogy that I read back when I started uni. I stumbled across it in W.H.Smith in town, even with their meagre selection of books and fell in love. The use of language is beautiful and it’s by far my favourite dystopian series. And yes, it is still holding up.

Minority by Greenday

“I wanna be the minority”

An unpopular bookish opinion

I don’t like Cassandra Clare. No, I don’t mean her books. I’ve not read any, though I liked a short story I read by her. But I refuse to read her books due to stuff I’ve read on her, She doesn’t seem like a good person, and that does put me off. Plus knowing where the title The Mortal Instruments comes from…yeah. That’s a big no for me.

All I Want by A Day To Remember

“All I want is a place to call my own”

A book on your wishlist

So, I’m going for a book that I don’t really know what it’s about. I think it might actually be a novella… But it’s a book I preordered as I love the author and that’s Servant Mage by Kate Elliot. All I remember is that it’s adult fantasy and I want to read it. I highly recommend Kate Elliot if you’ve not read her before. She also has a good YA trilogy, but I started with her kinda steampunk Spiritwalker trilogy.

Misery Business by Paramore

“Whoa, I never meant to brag”

The most gorgeous book you own

I have like three books I could choose for this, but I’m going with Little Thieves. You don’t see my version here but just search for the Illumicrate edition. The dustjacket was the normal cover but under it? Oh boy… It’s sat on my shelf naked as I need to show it off. It’s just a printed cover but it looks like a fantastical book with art by Margaret Own herself. I love it so much.

Thanks For the Memories by Fallout Boy

“I’m looking forward to the future”

A highly anticipated new release

I guess I’ll go with another preorder. Husband Material by Alexis Hall. This one isn’t out until like September but I need it. I adored Boyfriend Material with my whole being. It’s labelled a romance novel but was a wonderful example of queer lad-lit. I laughed so much and I’m pretty sure I read it in one sitting. I’m so desperate for this sequel, so it’s very highly anticipated.

Stupid For You by Waterparks

“You know I’m stupid for you”

A book you’re obsessed with

The Saga of Darren Shan by Darren Shan. I actually asked my mum for this one as I adore a lot of books so I wanted to know if I talk about any a lot. She said this one. So this is sometimes known as the Cirque Du Freak or The Vampire’s Assistant’s books. They’re a middle-grade/early teen series following a young boy called Darren as he becomes a half-vampire and grows up. It can get very dark, very emotional and it’s a series I adore with my heart.

Addicted by Simple Plan

“I’m adic – I’m addicted to you”

A trope you’re addicted to

I’m going to say enemies or rivals to lovers. Yes, it’s a basic response, I know. But there’s something about people hating each other and knives to the throat and flirty threats… I’m so here for it. I do also like friends to lovers, so I’m good with both. But I’ve apparently loved this sort of trope since I was young. It basically started with Anastasia…

And that’s it for the tag! If you’d like to do this tag then count this as a tag.

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