Am I Using Scribd? A Challenge

I’ve been paying for Scribd for a while. I use it every month, and the selection of audiobooks is excellent. There are some issues with Scribd. You are limited with how many audiobooks you read per month, plus I have heard of people having some e-books limited too. That seems a lot less common though. I love Scribd and plan to keep using it for a long while yet. But I have to wonder…am I using it enough?

Technically, I am using it. As I said. I’m using it to listen to audiobooks, but many of them are books that I already own. That feels like a waste of money. It doesn’t hurt to do that every now and then, but when I’m using all three or four audiobooks I have available a month on books I could read without Scribd? Yeah…that’s a waste.

So I’m setting myself a challenge. A challenge that I’d be happy if a few of you joined in on me with.

I want to be reading at least one e-book on Scribd a month, as well as focusing on audiobooks that I don’t already own. I have so many different books on my saved list, but I didn’t know when I would get to them. Especially when it comes to e-books. If I want to excuse paying for it every month, then I need to be using it for books that I otherwise don’t have access to.

I’ve decided that I need to choose at least one e-book a month to listen to on Scribd. In March I’m going with two books since I decided to do this close to the end of February. I’ve decided I’ll be reading Salvation by Caryn Lix, which will allow me to finish off a series and Tweet Cute by Emma Lord as I’ve been thinking about reading that for a while. I tried it in audiobook a few years ago, and that didn’t really work for me. So I’m going to read it as an e-book.

From April onwards? Who knows. It’ll depend on what I’m feeling at the time.

I’ll be putting a sheet of paper in my TBR pile each month that just says Scribd book. That way I can choose the book when I get to it. With a piece of paper, the mood read is actually on the TBR, so I won’t keep putting it off. I know otherwise, that there will be months that I just brush it off for something else.

I’m giving myself six months from now, and if I don’t read at least six e-books on Scribd within that time…I should probably cancel it. I’ll still have the library after all.

What I’m hoping for though is that my Scribd saved library will have decreased in size. Just like my owned TBR is supposed to be doing. There are so many books in the world that I want to read, and Scribd can give me access to many of them. I just need to start actually utilising it.

If you’re not already using Scribd then I do recommend it. With my link you can get two free months – and give me a free month back – so why not do a two-month challenge instead? Find out whether Scribd is worth it for you or not too!

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