Book Review: Stone Broke Heiress by Danielle Owen-Jones

Every now and then, I’ll request a chick-lit book that sounds good that I’ve heard nothing about. Stone Broke Heiress was the latest of these. It’s no secret that I’m a massive chick-lit fan, and I was pretty sure that this book was going to be fun. And it was. Is it one that I’d reread? Probably not. But if you’re looking for a quick read about soup and romance this spring, this book will be for you.

Stone Broke Heiress followed Bella Whittington, soup company heiress who has it all. Until her dad loses the company and Bella walks in on her fiance in an intimate position with her best friend. Bella’s life is thrown upside down, and soon she finds herself living in a dingy flat and in need of a job. A nearby soup kitchen seems to be the perfect place for her, and she’s desperate to get it. And not because of the handsome owner. A small lie about her last name gets her the job, and soon she’s living a life that she’d never have even imagined for herself before.

I’ll start by talking about our heroine. Bella is a little spoilt and judgmental, as you’d expect from a rich girl who has always been given what she wanted. But straight from the off, she’s always willing to try. Her original job within her family’s company was something she loved and worked for, and the soup kitchen helper gig becomes that too. She has no clue how to really look after herself and no clue what it’s like to be poor, but her heart is in mostly the right place.

I’m not sure why she quit her job at the family company. Really, she needed the money, and it wasn’t the smartest decision. I get why she did it. They went against her father, and she’d been humiliated too. But really, her dad was losing some of his money, so why would she quit too? On top of that, when she got the soup kitchen job she knew that Dan was struggling to get support from the food companies…why didn’t she help with that? Even if she was hiding who she was, she’d worked in PR. She might have a clue who to contact within the companies or at least an idea how to phrase the requests so they’d get somewhere. But nothing like that happened. It didn’t make much sense, but it didn’t stop me from liking her.

The romance was pretty cute. Dan was a good guy, and the fact he’s supposed to look like a rougher Rege-Jean Page…well…I’d have fancied him myself. Dan is obviously a good guy. He wants to help the poor and homeless, and that was wonderful. He also has an adorable dog, Herbie, who was precious. I love adorable pet inclusions, and I just want to give him a big cuddle.

When it comes to drama, there was a fair bit. Something happens to the soup kitchen, and Dan, Bella and co have to try and fix things. Obviously, the problems are connected to Whittingtons, and Bella’s identity causes a lot of problems. She helps solve things, and it’s a happy ending.

I enjoyed this book, but I don’t think there was anything particularly special about it. I got through it really quickly, and I’d definitely recommend it to chick-lit and romance fans. It’s just one that isn’t particularly memorable.

4/5 Stars

Title: The Stone Broke Heiress

Author: Danielle Owen-Jones

Genre: Chick-Lit

Age Range:  Adult

Publisher: Bookoutre

Release Date: 21/3/22


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