Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Merchandise I’d Love To Own

I wasn’t necessarily planning on doing another one of these posts for a while, but when I saw the prompt, I couldn’t resist. So, this won’t be a traditional Top Ten Tuesday post for me. If I wanted to, I could just list fandoms I want to see merch for or types of merch I’d love to see more of. I could even scour the internet and find specific items.

But I wanted to do something more fun.

I’m going to mention a few specific types of merch I’d like to see for particular fandoms. I can’t make them myself, but who knows? Maybe this will spark some of your imaginations.

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Poison Study Woodmark

Back when Illumicrate announced they were including a Poison Study item, I was so excited. I don’t get the box, but I planned on buying the item secondhand on Depop. Then people got the box, and I saw that it was just an orange-scented bath bomb named after a poison. I was so disappointed. If they wanted to do Butterfly’s Dust, I’d have rather they’d have done a tea or something. It wouldn’t have been my sort of thing still.

 But it would have fitted better.

In my imagination, I wanted something more like a wordmark. Yelena has a bo gifted to her with a quote etched on it. She can’t read it at first, so it takes some time for her to learn the translation, but it’s so cute when she does:

“Sieges Weathered, Fight Together, Friends Forever”

It’s a lasting quote, and it would be adorable to have on a wordmark.

Kelley Armstrong Book Boyfriends Collections

Listen, I’d take candles or bookmarks or whatever here. We all apparently love hot guys in fantasy and paranormal romance, right? So why don’t I see more on the Otherworld books by Kelley Armstrong? I am specifically talking about the adult books here. Though there are a few YA series by her in this world. If teenagers want to love those guys, that’s great too.

I want some merch that shows how much I love Lucas. I’m tired of only seeing the SJM guys everywhere, and I feel like fans of those series will enjoy this one too. So, y’know, maybe draw them in with some merch of these hot and varied guys. Lucas is still mine though.

Castles In Their Bones Candles

I really enjoyed this book and with three very different sisters as protagonists in very different countries…I think there could be a great candle range here. You could probably have fun with the names if you wanted to. I’m not sure about the scents. I don’t think I’d like them all either. I tend to prefer sweet or floral candles, after all. Though I don’t mind some more woody ones too. It really depends. So I’d be happy to see what creators could come up with, but I think these would be pretty varied scents.

But like stardust is a big thing in this book, right? So glitter topped candles with different scents. You’d watch the glitter eventually burn away like after a wish was granted. It would work really well. I’d love to see it, and I rarely find bookish candles for some of my favourite books. So this would be a fun one to see.

Bonus: The Stardust Thief anything

Listen, I’m very excited for this book to come out. I want everyone to read and love it. I’ll buy whatever items I can find for it, provided I’ll actually use them. The author is giving randomised stickers and prints with preorders, so I filled in the form. Obviously, I’m hoping for my boi, Mazen. But we’ll see.

Once again, I think candles could be great fun for this series. Or bath bombs. You know those ones that as you use, you find something inside? Loulie is a treasure hunter so that could work well. They could be dice bombs or something like that. There are other things that would fit the series better, I’m sure. But I can’t think of them right now.

This is also a series I’d love to see plushies for. I know that’s very unlikely. The only bookish plushies I’ve seen are FaeCrate, but maybe they’ll do a box in the future for one of the sequels? That would be pretty awesome. Once again, I’d want Mazen but the other characters are good too.

Either way, I’m hoping we’ll get a lot of merch for this series in the future.

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