Book Review: It Only Takes A Minute by Sasha Lane

Being a big fan of chick-lit and rom-coms, I’m always on the lookout for something new within those genres. One of the best things about being part of tour groups is that sometimes I’ll be asked about a title that I’ve never heard of but sounds perfect to me. It Only Takes a Minute was one of those.

Kiera has earned a 4-week sabbatical after years of working at the bank. So what does she do with it? Impulsively decides to fly out on holiday alone. She’s hoping for relaxation and exploration, but she winds up discovering a lot more as she wanders around under the sun.

With this being a novella and about a holiday romance, I did expect the insta-love in this one. That usually bugs me, and though I wasn’t too keen on how full-on Dylan was pretty much immediately, I didn’t mind that much as I knew that was what I was getting in for. Dylan is a mostly-sweet guy, even if his comment about no one going on holiday alone was kind of dumb, and I liked that he was bringing Kiera out of her shell and introducing her to the real Portugal.

As yes, in this book, Kiera decided to go to Portugal. The Algarve, to be specific. Why? Because she saw pictures of pastel de nata. And honestly? Completely fair. I adore pastel de nata. Admittedly I tried them before I went to Portugal as a kid because we used to have a large Portuguese population in my town, so we could easily get the good stuff. But they are so worth it. I totally recommend choosing some form of holiday for food as though you’ll get out there and explore other things, you’ll have something to look forward to that you can look into bringing back with you.

Kiera was an interesting character. She’s usually very set in her ways, and this trip is rather out of character for her. She’s had some changes in her life, and she just had to get away. That was fair. Can’t have picked a more beautiful location to do so. But this also causes some drama. Being on this trip is making her want to change, but her head is still very stuck on what it should be and who she is. This is just a holiday, she can’t have a real romance. And that makes perfect sense. I totally understand what was going on in her head, but I enjoyed seeing her more impulsive side come out more and more too.

After this, I am curious to check out Sasha Lane’s other work. I don’t know when I’ll get time to do so, but this has intrigued me.

If you’re looking for a fast holiday romance that you can enjoy with a cocktail (or mocktail) in the sun this summer – this novella is for you.

Title: It Only Takes A Minute

Author: Sasha Lane

Genre: Romance

Age Range:  Adult

Publisher:  Self

Release Date: 28/4/22


Amazon UK | Amazon US

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