Book Review: Eyes of the Void by Adrian Tchaikovsky

I read this book a little while back, but I wound up waiting to finally post the review for various reasons. And now that time is here! I received this book from Black Crow PR, so a big thank you to the team there as per. This is the second book in a trilogy, and it was one that I was surprisingly excited to get to.

Eyes of the Void follows on a few months after the end of Shards of Earth, and our heroes are scattered as they do what they can in the face of the Architects reappearing. Idris is desperate to retire, but he knows that he’s an irreplaceable hero and that people will need him if they hope to change the outcome.

One of the things I liked best about the first book was the use of character. It felt like we had such diverse characters from different species and backgrounds, yet they were all so well written. I enjoyed seeing their interactions and following them on this journey, and the same was true of this book. Solace remained my favourite character, and there were some very amusing scenes where her bi ass just wanted to flirt with certain characters, but she awkwarded out. I was also a big fan of Olli. It’s interesting to see what goes on in her head, as technically, she shouldn’t be an important character. Not compared to some of the other roles we have in this series, but she’s so determined and clever that we want to read more of her anyway.

How well-written the characters were definitely strengthened some more of the powerful scenes. Trine returned in this book, a character who is a hive-mind within a specially designed body. And also a former slave. You meet the man who owned him before in this book, and you see the prejudice that comes with that. He makes things difficult when they should be working together, and I found that fascinating. It wasn’t the sort of storyline I expected to see in this book, even with the wide world of the story. I just didn’t think there would be time to do it justice. But Tchaikovsky definitely made me feel things.

Once again, there was also plenty of action and politics. You wind up discovering some things the government had been involved in connected to the Architects, and it definitely wasn’t good. What it did do, is amp up the intrigue and will certainly make the book a page-turner for many.

I will admit that I struggled a little with this book, but I do think that’s a me thing. It’s a thick book that requires time to truly take it in and enjoy it, and I made myself read it a little quicker than I probably should have. I think it’s definitely a book I’m going to need to reread properly before the final book comes out, as I am still intrigued.

But if you’re looking for an epic sci-fi series that is heavy on character, plot and action? You couldn’t go wrong with this one.

Title: Eyes of the Void

Author: Adrian Tchaikovsky

Genre: Sci-Fi

Age Range:  Adult

Publisher:  Tor

Release Date: Out Now


Amazon UK | Amazon US | Waterstones | Bookshop Org

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