Blog Tour: Here For the Drama by Kate Bromley

I’m here with another blog tour review. This time for Here For the Drama by Kate Bromley. When I received the email from Compulsive Readers about this book, it sounded so good, and I was eager to check it out. So thank you, Tracey, for allowing me to take part. I was expecting a romance but instead got a chick-lit that made me quite emotional, and I have to say that was a pleasant surprise.

Here For the Drama follows Winnie, PA to a famous playwright and an aspiring writer herself. When she should be sitting down to finish off her own play, her boss coerces her into joining her in London, where they’re putting on a production of one of her plays. Whilst there, she winds up running into Liam, Juliette’s nephew, on who she develops a massive crush. When Juliette forbids them from spending time together, they realise that sneaking around just makes it more exciting.

You can see from that summary why I assumed this was a typical romance. I was still excited to read it for sure, but I feel like what I got was more than I expected. In fact, the romance wasn’t even the thing that I’m still thinking about the next day. No, that was the familial and work relationships.

Winnie is an only child. Her Mum died when she was young, and though her Dad has a long-term girlfriend, her daughter was already an adult by the time they got together. Winnie has never been that close with Cassie and instead looked at her boss Juliette as a surrogate mother who she wanted to impress. Her desire to please Juliette has meant that she let her steamroll over her, and take over her life. It was sad, really. But then you’d get moments where Juliette and Winnie clearly are friends, and it made me feel warm inside. But it was obvious that a breaking point was coming. Was necessary, if I’m honest.

What this book did so well was talk about these relationships. Winnie barely remembers her mum, and what memories she does have are tied to the home they lived in. Cassie has been there most of her life, but they aren’t close. And then there’s Juliette, a boss who should be treating her better. All these women are closely tied to Winnie in some way, and that was fascinating.

There was a scene near the end of the book with Cassie that had me in actual tears. I had to stop reading for a moment to wipe my face. It’s suggested they get closer after the scene, but you don’t really see that. I do wish we’d seen more of them interacting earlier in the book and more after. Maybe a phone call or some texts. I think it would have made the book perfect. But as it was, the book was still thoroughly enjoyable.

I will talk about the romance a little now. Winnie and Liam are pretty damn cute. Their banter is weird and awkward, but it made them all the sweeter. There were a few smut scenes if that’s what you’re looking for in romance, but they’re both pretty short and to the point. What I mostly liked about their relationship was that there were some difficulties, and the third-act breakup actually made sense. They don’t break up due to miscommunication or cheating or anything dumb, though they do fight due to one of those reasons. But their reason for splitting was actually for the best. I appreciated that, and honestly? I probably would have been okay if there wasn’t a happily ever after. There was though, and it was super cute, but the break-up really was written in such a way that it would have been okay if they’d stayed split up.

I can honestly say that I really enjoyed this book. It had a lot of emotional moments, a cute dog, some wonderful friendships and romance all mixed into one well-written story. I actually DNFed Bromley’s first book, but this one has me wanting to give it a second chance.

Here for the Drama really is a book that has it all, and I suggest you all go out and grab yourself a copy along with a pack of tissues.

4/5 Stars

Title: Here For The Drama

Author: Kate Bromley

Genre: Chick-Lit/Romance

Age Range:  Adult

Publisher:  Zaffre

Release Date: 23/6/22


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