I’m Going To Learn Japanese

I know this sounds like a somewhat random post, and I doubt many of you will be interested. But this post is a declaration for me to hold myself accountable.

You can see from my blog and my social media that I’m very interested in Japanese stories. Whether it’s in books, manga or games, I want to be able to read them. Translations are great, but not everything gets translated. And on top of that, it would be fun to be able to understand the source material.

I also want to visit Japan one day. I’d say the dream is to live there, but until I visit… I can’t really declare that. I could get there and hate it. Though I do doubt that. I need to be able to read signs and speak to people. It’ll make things so much easier, and I could make friends. I’d love to do that.

Over the years, I’ve attempted to learn Japanese multiple times. From those books that used to come with CDs and Rosetta Stone to more recently textbooks and phone apps. I’d love to go to a class, but I’d have to find some sort of online course for a reasonable price as I can’t drive to where the classes near me are.

The problem is…I’m not great at learning at home by myself. I fail at it, actually.

But I’m sick and tired of that.

This is something I really want to do. I just need to hold myself accountable and keep it up. I don’t need to be learning every day. But one day once a week with my textbooks? Playing some of the learning games I have on my phone every other day or so? I’m hoping it’ll get me somewhere.

I’m getting there with hiragana and katakana. I remember more than I ever have before. I learn, take a break, and then I remember a few more each time. I’m able to read a little more on random packaging and things I see online, so…yeah. I do feel like I can do this.

If I can just keep myself on track.

Now you guys know I’m going to do this… hopefully, it’ll help. I’ll try to get something up in a few weeks to say how I’m doing. I’ll have to keep learning if I don’t want to embarrass myself.

If anyone else here is learning Japanese, then feel free to let me know down below. Maybe we can chat a bit more about it and help people out.


5 thoughts on “I’m Going To Learn Japanese

  1. Good luck! I’m currently self-earning Japanese. I found myself losing motivation and started this blog only last week. Now I have to complete a certain portion in 365 days. I hope this will help with my accountability!

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