Blog Tour: The Dead Romantics by Ashley Poston

There are just some authors where you’ll pick up any book they’ve written. Ashley Poston is one of those for me. She’s written such variety, and when I read that her first adult book was going to be a ghost/living romance? I’ll admit, I was very much intrigued. This was a book I’d preordered, but I was so excited when I saw HQ was doing a blog tour for this one. I jumped at the chance, and I read this pretty soon after getting it.

I just couldn’t resist.

This book follows Florence Day, a ghostwriter who can no longer write romance after a bad breakup shook her beliefs. A new editor gives her the hope that she’ll be able to get an extension. But while Benji Andor might be hot, he refuses. When Florence thinks things can’t get worse, tragedy strikes, and she has to return home. The last thing she expects to see at her family home is the ghost of Benji at her family home’s front door. But he’s there, and in trying to figure out how to finish her book in the hope of helping him, she winds up falling for him.

I knew this book would be cute, and it really was. It felt like a contemporary romance with a slightly paranormal twist, and I’m living for it. If you’ve loved books like The Ex Hex, this book will definitely be for you.

I will say that the paranormal elements in this book aren’t really explained. We never find out why Florence can see ghosts. It’s just there for plot reasons. But that was fine. It still bought something to the book and felt believable.

This was a joyful novel with some sad moments. It deals a lot with heartbreak and grief. If you’ve lost a family member recently, I’d leave this book for a little while. It was very well written and made me tear up a few times but at its heart? This book was a warm hug. You get everything you want out of a cosy romance, but the sad moments help lock the characters inside your heart. Weird phrasing, I know, but it’s how it felt to me.

This was such an easy read, and I loved both Florence and Benji. I will say, Benji was definitely book-boyfriend material. I’m definitely interested in him myself, ha! Where can I find a guy like him? I’m rarely that into the love interests in romance novels, but Benji was definitely swoon-worthy. As well as that, I just want to say the third act break up? Totally made sense. If you have to have one, I want to understand why it happened. This wasn’t necessarily miscommunication or misunderstanding, and it definitely made sense.

I liked the friends and family of Florence as well. There were definitely some fun scenes, and Florence surrounds herself with good people. Even if they don’t all know her secret.

Speaking of her secret, Florence supposedly helped solve a murder when she was in high school of a guy she knew because of his ghost. You don’t get much on it. It’s more about the impact that her actions add on her. But I’d actually really like to read a book about it. The ghost/living person romance premise does always remind me of the Mediator novels by Meg Cabot, and I guess that’s what that book would kind of be. But I’d really love to know what happened there.

Overall this was an amazing book, and I can’t wait to see what other books Poston has in her as if they’re as good as this one? I’m very excited.

5/5 Stars

Title: The Dead Romantics

Author: Ashley Poston

Genre: Romance/Paranormal

Age Range:  Adult

Publisher:  HQ

Release Date: 29/9/2022


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