Book Review: A Cosmic Kind of Love by Samantha Young

Sometimes you see a book with an intriguing premise, but it just winds up falling flat. I wouldn’t say I was excited by A Cosmic Kind of Love, but it looked enjoyable. I wanted another romance to review, so I requested it from Piatkus. I was kindly gifted it on NetGalley, so I wish I could give a better review.

But by the end, I was just rolling my eyes.

Hallie is a successful event planner but in every other aspect of her life? She’s a mess. When she opens files from a client, she finds video messages sent to them from Christopher Ortiz about his life in space. Hallie is intrigued by him and winds up wanting to send a message back. But when it bounces, she decides to continue doing so. It won’t hurt to use them as a diary, right? Chris, on the other hand, is trying to get used to life back on earth. He doesn’t know what to do, and these videos start off as frustration. But he becomes curious about Hallie, and eventually, they meet.

I’m going to start by saying that I gathered there would be some kind of lying in this. That was obvious. My problem was with how easy they got over it. And then fell apart over other things. And then they were fixed just as easily as well!

It was ridiculous.

At no point was I reading this book intrigued by what was going to happen between them. It was too insta-attraction. Everything happened too quickly and honestly? The jealousy bugged the hell out of me. Maybe it’s because I wouldn’t want a jealous guy, but it was ugh.

What I did like was that this was the family dynamic. Both Hallie and Chris have toxic families. Neither parent was physically abusive but distant and controlling? Not there unless they want something? Yeah, that was very prevalent. If scenes like that are triggering for you, then avoid this book. Personally, though, it was the part of the story that interested me most. I wanted to see if things would get better or worse, and I wanted to know how the characters would handle their situation.

Overall though? I didn’t really like this book. Which sucked. I was enjoying it well enough for the first 100 pages, but the further in the book I got, the more I wanted to put it down. I only finished it as I decided I was too far in to DNF. By the time I was 250 pages in, I wanted to write this review. I just wasn’t enjoying the story anymore.

So, would I recommend this book? Probably not. If you like instaromance, jealousy and fast relationships.

2/5 Stars

Title: A Cosmic Kind of Love

Author: Samantha Young

Genre: Romance

Age Range:  Adult

Publisher:  Piatkus

Release Date: 20/10/22


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