Light Novels I Have To Read

I’ve spoken about light novels a fair bit on here and on my social media. They’re something I really enjoy reading and will continue to do so. So I’ve decided to put together a little post about a few of the books I’ve got to read!

Most of these are isekai series. For those who don’t know, isekai are series where a character is transported or reborn in another world or time. Usually, the characters are transported into some sort of series they like, but apparently, even a series where a character dies and goes back to repeat their time can be considered isekai. I don’t have anything against the idea of isekai series, but the market is a little oversaturated with them. I’d like to pick up more light novels that don’t fall under this genre but alas…it’s most of what we get.

That said, all the series on this list are ones targeted at girls or women. I don’t have much interest in checking out any of the shonen or seinen light novels I’ve seen. But if you have more shoujo or josei recs? Shoot them my way!

The White Cat’s Revenge as Plotted from the Dragon King’s Lap – Volume 1

I’m not gonna lie…this series sounds a little wild. And the reviews say the protagonist is a bit of a Mary Sue. But y’know what? I’m still excited.

19-year-old Ruri finds herself very frustrated when her selfish childhood friend winds up getting them both stranded in another world. If that’s not bad enough, a conspiracy then leaves her stranded in a mysterious forest. Fortunately, she manages to get her hands on a magical bracelet. A bracelet that transforms her into a fluffy white cat. Humans aren’t welcome in the land of the Dragon King, so Ruri has to spend most of her time as a cat. Not the most practical when you’re trying to plan revenge.

A series where a girl can turn into a cat? I do love things like this! They’re usually pretty cute, and I feel like this series will be no exception. It does seem a little random and wild, but I think that means this is going to be a good time. I only picked this one up recently, but I’d had my eye on it for a while. So I’m happy to finally have it on my TBR.

Accomplishments of the Duke’s Daughter – Volume 1

Another isekai, this one fits in the more typical villainess category. Still, it looks fun, and I adore the cover. Usually, in these kinds of series, the villainess wants to change herself to survive. But in this one? Our heroine wants to change the very world.

Iris lived a privileged life. Until the day she’s arrested, forced to her knees in front of her fiance, and rejected for another woman. As her life flashes before her eyes, she realises that she’d lived another life before and that her current life was a game she’d played. Iris uses her memories to save herself from exile, but she’ll have to do more than that to save her life. She’ll have to change the very world she’s found herself in.

Usually, the protagonists in series like this tend to be quite kind and loveable. I get the feeling that Iris might not be so cute. Maybe she is. I’ve not really heard anything about this series. But if Iris is going to change the world, she’s going to have to be smart and determined. I’m looking forward to seeing where this book goes, and I hope I’ll love the story as much as I love the cover.

The Engagement of Marielle Clarac – Volume 1

Sadly I don’t have a physical copy of this one as they don’t exist in English. I’ve had this e-book on my phone since last year and I really need to pick this one up soon. It’s the only non-isekai on this list. I have a good few more on my TBR, but they’re mostly isekai sequels, so I’m not including them. This is a fantasy romance manga with a nerdy protagonist…but she’s just a normal fangirl in her world.

Marielle has lived a quiet life, even as a duke’s daughter. But when the handsome Simeon, second-in-command of the royal knights and future earl, proposes to her, she’s surprised. Surprised but very happy. He wears glasses, a trait she loves, and she’s actually engaged. But underneath her quiet exterior is the dark and cunning heart of a fangirl. And I can’t wait to see what exactly that means.

The manga adaptation of this book ran in one of my favourite manga magazines. So I trust that it’s going to be a series I love. I’m not sure what to expect, but I’m pretty sure that it’s going to be wild. There are a good few volumes in this series, and I really need to get to them as I feel like this could be a new fave.

And that’s it! A short post, but I have been buying a few more light novels. I’m so glad at how easy it’s started to become to get them. Some of the series I like really need to start getting physical copies, but hopefully, they will at some point!

Any light novel readers here?

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