Book Review: Ocean’s Echo by Everina Maxwell

Last year I was lucky enough to be on the blog tour for Winter’s Orbit by Everina Maxwell, and this year? This year I’ve been lucky enough to get an early physical copy of Ocean’s Echo to read! I was so damn excited, and damn, as much as I loved Winter’s Orbit…I actually loved this one more. There was still plenty of politics, but I liked the energy between Tennal and Surit a little bit more and all the action.

Ocean’s Echo follows Tennal, a wealthy socialite and walking disaster who gets conscripted into the military after getting caught using his telepathic powers for illegal activities. It’s decided that he needs his mind bound to a lieutenant whose powers are his opposite. Surit isn’t sure he wants to control someone, but he’s pressured into doing it to get his parent’s pension. Surit needs to keep Tennal in the army, but all Tennal wants to do is escape.

This is technically a standalone novel but one set in the same world as Winter’s Orbit. It’s in a different system, and most things about this world are different. Though there are still mentions of the Resolution, the gender markers are the same. This world is just completely open for queer characters and relationships, and I appreciate stories where these sorts of things are just treated as normal.

The characters in this book probably are the best thing. I loved both Surit and Tennal and some of the side characters too. Istara and Basavi were so much fun. Istara didn’t put up with Tennal’s crap, and I absolutely loved them. Their relationship with Basavi was pretty cute, and I loved seeing their relationship grow in the background. I do wish we’d seen a little bit more of it, but I loved what we got. They’re perfect opposites and so fun.

Tennal and Surit’s relationship was perfect for me. They bickered often enough but only really in a teasing fashion. They tempered each other and helped each other grow. We don’t get to see much of their romance, but that made sense within this story. Both had so much going on, and they didn’t think they’d see each other again after their adventure. But instead, we get such a hopeful ending for them. It was completely perfect and sighhhh. I loved it.

The world-building was obviously pretty good. I understood the world, and though it didn’t necessarily feel real, it did make complete sense. There was some definite intrigue connected with Surit’s mum, and I wanted more of that. I liked it best when they were in the stars and exploring more so than when they were on a station or planet. I like political stories. It’s why I enjoyed Winter’s Orbit. But I did find this story more interesting due to the military and action scenes.

This book had the sparkle I expected from a book by Everina Maxwell but is even stronger than her first. Even if you didn’t like Winter’s Orbit so much, I suggest trying this book out, as it might be more up your alley. If you did like her first book? You’ll definitely adore this one.

An amazing read.

5/5 Stars

Title: Ocean’s Echo

Author: Everina Maxwell

Genre: Sci-Fi

Age Range:  Adult

Publisher:  Orbit

Release Date: 3/11/22


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