Japanese Catchup #2

This post does feel kind of pointless as it doesn’t feel like much has changed since my last post. But I said I’d do this to hold myself accountable, and it’s kind of working. I’ve been keeping up with my Japanese for weeks now when usually I’d have given up by now.

I’ll admit, I’ve not really been using my textbook when I should’ve been. I’ve still been practising with DuoLingo, and I started using a new app. I saw adverts for OkyDoky on Instagram, and I’ve been trying to use the app every day. I won’t lie, it’s not the best app. You can’t turn off the romaji, so my eyes do automatically read those, but I’m learning words and phrases. I’m also learning some kanji through it. I was starting by using the alphabet section, but it was teaching basically all the kanji. Which…a bit much. I moved onto pronouns which I knew the romaji and some kanji for, and now I’m on other words too.

I’ve been slowly learning more kanji, which is pretty impressive. I’m still kinda ehhhh on the katakana front. I never did spend the extra time I needed to on katakana. I still need to do so. And I’m finding some of my hiragana I’m not remembering unless I’m specifically trying to learn them. Again, I need to spend some more time on that.

I think I need to try and put a schedule in place. Not just to get myself to use the textbook, though I probably should. If I do like…some sort of lesson plan, then I at least know what I need to be studying. As I usually just do what I feel like doing that Sunday. I need to get better organised.

One positive though? I’ve been reading one of my Japanese manga volumes! Through a translation app, which does make it slower, but I can recognise when the translation must be wrong. Not just with names but some other words and phrases as well. I’ve spent some time trying to recognise the words and phrases within the actual text, so I’m pleased with that. I’ll have a full review post on the volume up soon, so that’s fun. The story is really good, and I have volume 2 on the way.

I’ve also found a Japanese YouTuber who puts on English subtitles on their videos that I’m interested in watching. She talks about clothes, anime and manga and fun stuff like that. I’m going to start watching her regularly as that’s supposed to be useful.

So, do I feel like I’ve learned much over the last month? Not really, though my phrases and speaking should have picked up hopefully. But I at least know what steps I want to take next which is good.

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