Manga Review: White of a Wedding Ceremony by Takayama Shinobu

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a manga volume and this one is a little different. While I usually read and review English translations, this volume is one that I read in Japanese. Well, I used a translation app on a Japanese volume. But this stunning manga book is a series that I’ve been wanting to start for a while. I don’t think it’ll be getting an official translation any time soon, so here we go.

A mysterious disease has been killing people and bringing some back to life. The tell is the flowers on the body and newspaper reporter Kiso has been sent to investigate. During his research, he meets Shiraume, a tempting young woman who calls herself a “Demon’s Burning Light”. Fascinated by her, the two of them start looking more into these strange cases.

First things first, Kiso? Damn, that’s a fine man. Yes, I have a new manga husbando and he definitely acts like a himbo. Though there’s definitely a brain in his head and he seems like he can be pretty manipulative when he needs to be. I’m fascinated by his character and I definitely want to find out more about him. He’s definitely a prominent character though I wouldn’t call him the protagonist.

That title goes to Shiraume and she’s fascinating. Her design is very pretty but her connections with the demons are interesting. Two of the chapters in this volume were flashbacks where you see how she meets her demon fiance and what happened before then. Marks on her skin meant she was hated by people and yet those marks seem to become on a demon bride? Hello. She’s also just a really fun character and I love how done she is with Kiso.

I am so interested in this world. The story is historical and set during the Taisho period, but with fantastical elements. Flowers and their meanings are used a lot in this. Which, when using a translation app sometimes leads to some confusion. But ah well, one day when I can read Japanese better I’ll reread and truly understand.

But for now the disease? The demons? The flowers? This series is so creepy and dark, and yet it’s so beautifully drawn. I think this is a series I’m going to easily become obsessed with. I’m glad I already have volume 2 on the way.

5/5 Stars

Title: White of a Wedding Ceremony

Manga-ka: Takayama Shinobu

Demographic: Josei

Genre: Historical Fantasy

Magazine: Monthly Comic Zero Sum

Publisher: Ichijinsha

CD Japan

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