Book Review: Legends and Lattes by Travis Baldree

Cosy fantasy as a genre is something that’s really starting to catch on. Though it isn’t something that always works for me, the idea of Legends and Lattes is one that intrigued me. A story of a woman wanting to start a coffee shop in a fantasy world? Great! I was hoping for something that could almost be a mix between chick-lit and fantasy. And even though it wasn’t exactly that, it was still super enjoyable and the perfect read for me.

Thanks so much to Black Crow PR and Tor for my copy of this. I’m pleased to be on this tour. This is the perfect pick if you’re looking for a comfortable read to enjoy whilst curled up with a hot chocolate or in your favourite coffee shop.

Viv is an orc barbarian tired of the adventurer’s life. After finding an ancient artefact that she hopes could bring her luck, she decides to settle down in the city of Thune to start a coffee shop. But the citizens there have never heard of coffee, and Viv will have to work hard to make this venture work. But with old and new friends both, Viv is sure she can achieve her dreams.

The theme for this tour is for us to show you all our coffee shop fantasies. I’m not a coffee or a tea drinker, but I enjoyed this book with a big hot chocolate with plenty of whipped cream. Yum. The desserts in this book made my mouth water, but I personally just had a shortbread. God, I could go for a croissant or pain au chocolate though. There’s nothing like a warm chocolatey treat when you want to be all cosy.

If you couldn’t guess, I appreciated the dessert stuff in this. I love seeing food in books and it was fun seeing all these characters introduced to food and drinks that are just seen as usual now. It was fun envisioning this coffee shop growing and I loved that so many people in the area wanted to support the shop.

The best thing about this book was definitely the characters and the relationships. Viv was a great protagonist and it was fun reading about an orc for once. It’s not something you see too often and seeing her want to be this good woman and falling in love. It was very cute. I also just loved the general found family element. Viv made some wonderful friends and it was fun to see their trust grow. Especially with the magic elements.

This book wasn’t the most amazingly written, but it was easy to read and very enjoyable. If you’re looking for a light read that will just make you smile? This book is definitely for you. It’s being hyped up online for good reason and I hope we get more books like this. I’m looking forward to Baldree’s next one for sure!

5/5 Stars

Title: Legends & Lattes

Author: Travis Baldree

Genre: Fantasy

Age Range:  Adult

Publisher:  Tor

Release Date: 10/11/22


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