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Doing a Try a Chapter challenge every now and then is a great way to narrow down your TBR. You’ll either get excited about the books you have to read, or at least you’ll realise they aren’t for you. I wanted to do another one but needed to figure out what theme to follow.

Then I noticed that I’ve been buying more romance books.

So, why not try the first chapters of a few popular ones I own?

The results of this challenge surprised me. So let’s get into the books!

Two Wrongs Make A Right – Chloe Liese

Admittedly, the reason I saw this book a lot was more than just it being popular. But I have seen Chloe Liese recommended a lot online for her other books. And since I preordered this one – it’s a Much Ado About Nothing retelling, so I had to have it – I wanted to start with it.

Jamie and Bea have nothing uncommon, apart from the fact that when they met, they instantly hated each other. They know they wouldn’t be a good match, yet their friends try to set them up on a date. Annoyed about this, Bea and Jamie decide to get their revenge by fake dating and being the most obnoxious couple ever. The only problem is that cupid strikes, and they must accept that sometimes two wrongs make a right.

This book felt like a lot of fun from the first page. Bea was a relatable protagonist, and I liked being in her head. I assume we’ll get some of Jamie’s perspective at some point, but the first chapter focused on Bea.

I was excited about this book as I adore Beatrice and Benedick in Much Ado. Still, you could clearly see who the other characters are from the play too. It made this a delightful read, and I can’t wait to pick it up.

5/5 Stars

My Killer Vacation – Tessa Bailey

I swear I didn’t pick these two books one after the other on purpose. As I’m writing this post, I only realised. That’s amusing. But this book is the last chance I’m giving Tessa Bailey. Every book I’ve picked up by her has been a DNF. This one is different, though, so I have hopes. But if this one doesn’t wind up being a fave, I don’t think I’ll be picking her up again in the future.

Taylor is on holiday with her younger brother. It’s supposed to be a relaxing trip to distract him from heartbreak when they stumble upon a corpse in the house they’re staying in. When a bounty hunter arrives on the scene after, Taylor isn’t that impressed. All she wants to do is help, but he doesn’t want to babysit her. Myles sees something in Taylor that reminds him of his past, and he knows he shouldn’t stay and protect her. Instead, he needs to solve the murder and get back on the road.

Writing out the summary, I’m less intrigued. But the first chapter of this book was alright. It held my interest, but I wonder if that was because Myles hadn’t been introduced yet. As it’s reading his perspective that’s putting me off on second thought.

But I was okay with Taylor as a protagonist and curious about the house. What had been going on there? Who was the victim, and why? I want this to be a good murder mystery, and I’m not sure it will be. I’m curious, though, and willing to give it a go.

3/5 Stars

What Lies Beyond The Veil – Harper L. Woods

I had to have some fantasy romance on here. It’s a blend of two genres which I love, and I enjoy a good fantasy romance novel. Still, I can be picky about them. I kept seeing this one on Instagram, so I knew I had to pick it up when I saw it in The Works. I didn’t read the back when I picked it up. So this was the first time I read the summary.

Estrella lives in a village next to the Veil that has protected the people from the fae for 400 years. But when it shatters one day, the magic touches those the fae want to take. Estrella is one of those, but she knows the Mist Guard won’t let her or the others survive. But before the Wild Hunt can take her, a fae-marked man called Caelum saves her, and they agree to an alliance.

Honestly, the moment I opened the book and saw the words Seelie and Unseelie on the map, I felt that this one wasn’t going to be for me. And I was right. I don’t think I even finished the chapter, sigh. I was excited about this one as well.

The writing seems pretty decent. I found it easy to read and couldn’t see anything wrong with it. I just didn’t care. I know this is very much a me problem, so if you’re still interested, you should pick this one up. It’s got good reviews.

1/5 Stars

Final Thoughts

I am pleased that two of the three books are alright. And I know I want to read those two, so I can get them on a TBR sometime soon.

Doing this challenge hasn’t helped get me more excited about these books, though. Which is a shame. Usually, I pick up the books pretty soon after doing the challenge, and I’m not feeling that urge this time. Even with Two Wrongs, Make A Right, which will likely be a new fave. So that’s interesting.

Have you guys read any of these books yet? If so, let me know your thoughts down below.

5 thoughts on “Try A Chapter Tag – Popular Romance Edition

  1. This sounds like a super fun challenge and a perfect way to cull the TBR, especially for already existing books. I just might have to give it a try! I’m a big Chloe Liese fan and I just bought Two Wrongs Make A Right so it’s exciting to see that it’s a potential new fave, I think it’ll be the same for me. As a mood reader, I don’t tend to pick up books immediately even when I know I’m going to love it—I know, it’s so weird! 😂

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