Book Review: Looking Out For Love by Sophia Money-Coutts

February is the perfect month for reading romance and chick-lit, even if you aren’t big on Valentine’s Day. Looking Out For Love is the newest book by Sophia Money-Coutts, and it’s definitely one that you’ll want to pick up this month. I was lucky enough to be sent a free copy from the publisher in return for a review. So thank you, HQ!

Stella has spent her life looking for love, but after recently being dumped, she found herself single without her Dad’s money. But she thinks her life will improve when she stumbles upon a new job and a handsome guy in a pub in a single day. Finally, she has a chance at all-encompassing love, but working with the Affair Hunter means she doesn’t know whether she can truly trust others.

I’ve read a few of Sophia Money-Coutts’ books before, and they’ve all been okay but not outstanding. Looking Out For Love is the book I’ve enjoyed the most. I sped through this book in a single day and found myself laughing quite a lot.

Our protagonist, Stella, wasn’t the most likeable character. She could be so naive and selfish. There were definitely moments when I was rolling my eyes and judging her. But she got better. When it comes to her friends, especially Billie, she honestly does care. She makes some mistakes, but she does her best to care for those that matter to her. And some strangers too. Stella clearly has a good heart; she’s just been taught that romantic love is the only kind that matters. But she learns that it isn’t.

This book did cover some serious matters. Early in the book Billie finds out that she’s been diagnosed with cervical cancer. So if that’s triggering for you, step away from this book. It doesn’t end badly, but if this something you’re scared of or have dealt with, this book could wind up upsetting you. It’s a good reminder of why you should get your smear test done, though!

There were some great side characters in this book. Billie was one, but Sam and Harold were favourites of mine too. It was terrific seeing Stella build these relationships; Sam is definitely boyfriend material. Pleather headboard aside.

For those of you wondering about how spicy this book is, it isn’t very. There are a few smutty scenes, but nothing that long or detailed. They’d be easy to skip if you just want to read on.

I had a fun time with this book and think you all will too!

4/5 Stars

: Looking Out For Love

Author: Sophia Money-Coutts

Genre: Romance/Chick-Lit

Age Range:  Adult

Publisher:  HQ

Release Date: Out Now


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One thought on “Book Review: Looking Out For Love by Sophia Money-Coutts

  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed this!!!! ALSO IT SOUNDS AMAZING?? something that can be read in a single day AND IS ALSO HILARIOUS?? HELLO YES SIGN ME UP. Oh and Stella’s character development sounds AMAZING. I LOVE THE REVIEW

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