Book Review: Tell Me No Lies by Andrea Contos

When looking for a fast, entertaining read, a YA thriller can be everything you’re looking for. I love picking them up myself, so I was delighted to receive a copy of Tell Me No lies from Scholastic. This book came out in November, so if you’re interested, you’ll be able to pick up a copy of this book now.

Nora and Sophie Linden are sisters, but they aren’t friends. They’ve been struggling to get along for years, but the night Sophie saw her boyfriend Garrett leave with her sister before he disappeared, things worsened. Now Sophie has started receiving messages from someone claiming to be Garett promising revenge, and she’s determined to find out what her sister isn’t telling her. With both of their lives in jeopardy, Sophie and Nora must decide whether they can trust each other again.

This story was definitely an interesting one. It flips between both Nora and Sophie and different times for each. It’s written as if Nora is writing a statement in places, and it’s clear she’s an unreliable narrator. But she tells you what happened before Garrett disappeared. At the same time, Sophie’s story is set after Garrett’s disappearance, and she’s trying to work out what happened.

The only problem I had was that I wasn’t a big fan of either Nora or Sophie. Neither girl was particularly likeable, so I wasn’t particularly cheering for either of them. The book was a page-turner, and I got through it quickly. Still, I didn’t particularly feel very much about everything that happened.

And there was definitely some stuff I’d usually get emotional about going on in the background.

That said, I did enjoy this book. I think if you’re looking for a YA thriller about siblings or one that’s complicated but a little different? I’d definitely recommend this one. But it’s also not something I’ll be thinking about again. It was okay, but that’s all it really was.

3/5 Stars

Title: Tell Me No Les

Author: Andrea Contos

Genre: Thriller

Age Range:  Young Adult

Publisher:  Scholastic

Release Date: Out Now


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