Japanese Catchup #4

So it’s been a while since I posted about studying Japanese, and the reason for that is…I haven’t been doing much.

I haven’t stopped or given up. So that’s a positive. In the past, I’d have stopped completely.

But I’ve still been using Duolingo and WaniKani. I’ve still been trying to read Japanese, listening to Japanese music and watching Japanese videos. I’m starting to recognise more kanji, which is excellent, but my vocab hasn’t really been growing by that much. I’ve learnt phrases from Duolingo, but I want my vocabulary to grow.

The problem has been that I’ve not been making an effort.

I’ve been doing the basics, so I don’t lose what I’ve learned. But I need to be learning more.

I have been collecting resources if they’re either free or cheap. I have some things to read about grammar, some e-books about learning with audio files and some worksheets.

Katakana is what I’m going to start with. I should’ve paused and gone back to focusing on that a while ago. I’ve seen multiple people say they’ve picked hiragana up quickly, and then they’ve struggled to get katakana to stick. So I know I’m not alone, but I will need to focus on it a bit more.

I’m going to keep up with WaniKani and Duolingo; however, these aren’t enough. I need to think about how I learn and work out what I’ve got time to do. I only have a bit of time each day and the weekend if I want a more extended period to study.

This time I’m going to keep to my study plans. Yes, they’ll still be loose. A strict lesson plan won’t work for me. But I really need to kick my ass back into gear.

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