Book Review: Burying Eva Flores by Jennifer Alsever

I love a full-cast audiobook, so when I saw a YA thriller with a full cast set a listen now on NetGalley, you bet I instantly went and downloaded it. I knew it was going to be a thriller with some supernatural elements, but let me tell you, I couldn’t have guessed how wild this book was going to get.

This book is essentially a Courtney Summers book that took a detour through Death Note. If that doesn’t intrigue you, I don’t know what will.
Eva Flores is missing, presumed dead, and everyone thinks Sophia did it. In this book, told through a blend of story, texts and interviews, we discover why Sophia hated Eva, what was going on in their lives and the magical notebook that allowed Sophia to mess with Eva’s life in revenge.

I know this story sounds weird as anything, and it is. I don’t know how much I truly liked it. And there were definitely some problems. But I also couldn’t put it down. This is an example of a book that’s best told in audio. Not only does it bring the story to life, but you feel like you’re listening to gossip, which makes you hungry for me.

That said, it can also be hard to read in places. I comped this book to Courtney Summers, and though part of it might be more 2000’s teen drama, some abuse and things happening in the background. You get glimpses of it through the characters’ involved perspectives, and it did make me feel very uncomfortable. Which is why it was pretty well done.

I mentioned earlier that this book has problematic elements, and I should address those. Though a particular character was a predator even before this book began, Sophia then deciding she should be with him to get what she wanted wasn’t great. Obviously, he started it. She was a victim. But being in her head as she was planning to steal an adult man from his wife was…not great. It felt like something from Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Liars, and I wasn’t a fan.

Something more positive that I want to note is that Sophia has a disabled older brother. He’s autistic and can hold down a job. But he also still behaves a lot like a child. I loved that Sophia and all her friends just treated him like they would any other sibling. He still got to be involved, and no one was saying he couldn’t do something because he was disabled. I know in the real world, that should be the bare minimum. But as someone with an incredibly disabled younger brother, let me tell you, so many people will either judge or baby. It’s terribly frustrating. So it was wonderful to see this in a book for teens; hopefully, the intended audience will learn from it.

But all this loveliness didn’t mean that all the characters were likeable. I felt for Eva as the story went along, as you’re supposed to. But she was so nasty to start with. And then there’s Sophia, who you feel for at first, who, along with the problematic stuff, becomes nastier and selfish. It’s suggested that it was the book that did it. You see, it twists some side characters too. But there was a long period in the book where it was tough to root for Sophia, as she wasn’t being a great person. Though, obviously, that’s turned around in the end.

Overall I did enjoy this book. It was a twisty, drama-filled, addictive read. I highly recommend getting it as an audiobook for the complete experience. But you can also get it on Kindle Unlimited and physically if you don’t like audiobooks.

4/5 Stars

Title: Burying Eva Flores

Author: Jennifer Alsever

Genre: Thriller/Horror

Age Range:  Young Adult

Publisher:  Self-Pubbed

Release Date: Out Now!


Amazon UK (Audio) | Amazon US (Audio)| Waterstones 

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