Monthly Recap – April 2023

This post is coming a little later in the month than usual, but I still wanted to write it. And actually, I’m glad that I decided to. I thought that April had been a bad month for me, but looking at the stats and comparing them to March? It was actually better than I thought.

My main worry was that I hadn’t read much and bought far too many books. I definitely had a lot of books come in – you can check out my April haul video to see everything – but I actually bought fewer books in April than I did in March, which was a pleasant surprise.

So when it comes to the actual stats, I read 22 novels and 2 manga books. I wish I’d read more manga, but May is already better. However, as I said, I did bring a lot of books in. And that’s where I have a problem.

In April, I bought 17 books, was gifted 1, and was sent 10 books for review. In total, that means I gained 28 books. That is less than in March, which is excellent, but it did mean that I added more books to my TBR than I read. Now, admittedly, a good few of the ARCs I received I’ve already read. There were a few books for the beginning of May, so that’s something at least.

I also got a single book out from the library this month. I had a few other audiobooks I reserved come in, but I decided to send them to the next person waiting as I wasn’t in the mood for them then.

Usually, this is when I’d get into the mini-reviews, but I’m unsure what to write now because I’ve left this video so late. I want to say that I’m hoping May will be better, but I’m writing this on the 16th, and I can tell you that May is definitely worse so far. Welp. I’m hoping it will get better, though!

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