Book Review: The Man I Didn’t Marry by Anna Bell

Book Review: The Man I Didn’t Marry by Anna Bell

I wanna start this review by saying that Anna Bell is one of my favourite chick-lit authors. I’ve adored her books since I read Don’t Tell The Groom a good few years ago now. And I look out for her new books with excitement.

This is a book that I preordered myself before getting a copy of the physical proof in a giveaway from HQ/Harpercollins. So thanks so much to those guys. I was extremely grateful. It’s definitely weird having two copies of a book though, ha!

In this book, we follow Ellie Voss, a very pregnant woman with a 1-year-old daughter, the perfect husband and a house in their home town near his parents. Life is great until the day that her husband, Max, loses his memory. The doctor’s don’t know why or how long the memory will be gone, and Ellie has to accept that maybe it won’t come back. Max has no memory of the last five years, and because of that, it’s like he’s a totally different person. He and Ellie have to get to know each other again, and she hopes, fall in love.

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Mini TBR – April 2021

Mini TBR – April 2021

Hello guys!

I know this post is a little later than usual. Things have been a little chaotic at my end. And my brain has been a little bit of a mess too. If I’m honest, I only just realised this post was going to be late. But that’s fine, it’s my blog, so I can do what I like. Plus, it’ll still be up at the beginning of the month, so, y’know.

This is probably going to be a little shorter than my mini TBR’s usually are because, well, my reading hasn’t been going great. Where I usually wind up starting on my mini TBR books before the month actually begins – oops – this month, I still have three books on my current TBR. So, for once I should be only reading these books during the month. And since they’re not exactly tiny books, I want to be able to actually get through them all.

I also won’t be listing any ARCs this month. I do have a few to read including a manga book. But since none of them are published in April. And focusing on ARCs so much has exhausted me a little. I’m taking a break for at least the first half of the month. I’m gonna focus on reading books I’ve bought for a bit, but I should hopefully be getting some reviews up for those too. I will have a Manga ARC review coming up sometime soon, but I don’t include manga on my TBR.

So without further ado: my mini TBR!

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Blog Tour – Two Metres From You by Heidi Stephens

Blog Tour – Two Metres From You by Heidi Stephens

I know a lot of people would rather avoid books that feature the pandemic. The world is still scary, and who knows when it’ll finally be over. But, it’s something that has affected us all and will affect the way we see things for many years to come. So it’s safe to see that when I stumbled across a chick-lit book set during the early days of lockdown? I was very curious.

I do have to say that some things happen in this book that probably shouldn’t actually happen during a real lockdown for safety reasons. But umm, the romance can be excused at least with support bubbles and stuff. Though, I’m not sure when exactly those came into place… They do consider themselves part of the same household though, as technically they do live on the same property. So, it gets a pass.

Anyway, this book follows Gemma, a freelance writer who has just discovered her boyfriend cheating on her. Her solution? Stay in a cottage owned by a friend in the countryside. It would only be a few days, and it would give her a much-needed break before she went back to London to find a new flat. And then the lockdown happens. Gemma is stuck in an unfamiliar house in a village with her dog. Her only other company? The man who lives in the shed at the end of the garden.

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