Book Review: Rescue Me by Sarra Manning

Book Review: Rescue Me by Sarra Manning

Sarra Manning is an author I’ve read before. YA contemporary, adult romance and chick-lit. I obviously prefer the chick-lit though this very cutesy book definitely sits firmly within romance.

Rescue Me follows Margot and Will who after running into eachother at a kennel wind up adopting Blossom, an adorable Staffie together. Having her a week each, they wind up spending time together and slowly falling for eachother.

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Overwhelmed By Your TBR? Five Things You Can Do

Overwhelmed By Your TBR? Five Things You Can Do

If you’re anything like me then over lockdown you bought a lot of books and since being able to go back into shops and libraries it’s just getting worse. Whether you’ve got physical books, e-books or audio books; sometimes looking at everything you’ve got to read can be a bit much.

At least it is for me.

So I’ve been trying a few strategies to help me feel a little calmer and I’m hoping they might help you all too!

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How to Ace NetGalley!

How to Ace NetGalley!

If you’re a book blogger, booktuber, bookstagrammer or anything like that then you’re most likely familiar with NetGalley. It’s an online service that allows you to request early copies of books in return for a review.

When you first join it’s so amazing! All these early books you could ask to read and review! Not to mention the books you can just click download on and read straight away.

It can get a little bit overwhelming and I know sometimes people can get a little over the top when it comes to requesting.

I’ve been on NetGalley a few years and my score hasn’t gone under the ideal 80%. Right now it’s on 93% with more books than I’d like on my shelf so I thought I’d offer up some advice!

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Choose Your Own TBR Adventure #1

Choose Your Own TBR Adventure #1

So I decided to attempt a TBR game on booktube and I wanted one that would allow me to get my creative juices flowing. So I decided to give a choose your own adventure game a try.

If you want to play along and use this to create your August TBR – or at least some of it – then please do and let me know what you get and if you enjoy it!

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My Friends (and Family) Pick my TBR!

I’ve been doing the ole’ TBR box and pile for a while and it’s done me well. When I started it, I finally got through the books I’d had for years. And since then I’ve been getting through books only a few months after getting them.

Whenever I get a new book, it goes in the TBR box and then when I only have a few books in my current pile left, I pick out a few I’m really excited for and some I aren’t and have to read through that pile.

It’s pretty simple and after watching so mnay TBR games I wanted to change it up a little.

Hence showing my friends, brother and mum all my books and asking them to pick what I should read. This was mostly judged via the cover so I had some good variety.

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The Dreaded TBR: How Do You Deal With It?


Even though we all love reading, there’s something about putting together the books we need to read that strike fear in all our hearts. Doesn’t matter how you decide to read them; pick them at random, titles from a jar or a book pile; you still wind up with far too many books to read.

Or do you?

Book buying bans aren’t the only way to catch up with your reading.

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