Small Blog, Big Plans

This might not be a post that many people are interested in but it’s something that I want to get out there.

First things first, I’ve finally surpassed 150 followers. I still can’t believe it. Thank you all so much for following me so far. I’m hoping to improve my content and produce some more fun things. I want you all to enjoy reading my blog so if you have any suggestions yourself then please shoot them my way.

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My Friends (and Family) Pick my TBR!

I’ve been doing the ole’ TBR box and pile for a while and it’s done me well. When I started it, I finally got through the books I’d had for years. And since then I’ve been getting through books only a few months after getting them.

Whenever I get a new book, it goes in the TBR box and then when I only have a few books in my current pile left, I pick out a few I’m really excited for and some I aren’t and have to read through that pile.

It’s pretty simple and after watching so mnay TBR games I wanted to change it up a little.

Hence showing my friends, brother and mum all my books and asking them to pick what I should read. This was mostly judged via the cover so I had some good variety.

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Charity Shops: Tips and Tricks for Book Shopping

Charity Shops: Tips and Tricks for Book Shopping

So as someone who loves books and doesn’t have much money; charity shops are my saviour. I use the library too but sometimes you’ll find things in a charity shop that you can’t get in the library and you can also wind up getting a whole series for cheap.

I know that Becca from Becca and the Books on YouTube has done a video showing how many books you can get from a charity shop for £15. I’ve never quite been able to spend quite that much in charity shops as I’ve never found that many books I want at once. But there’s something so pleasing about the thought of getting so many books for so little if I so wanted.

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Just Keep Writing – My Nanowrimo Declaration

Just Keep Writing – My Nanowrimo Declaration

Nanowrimo is just around the corner and I’m going to get my butt into gear and win it!

You might know that I started a novel – YA Irish fairy tale retelling – earlier this year but it quickly fizzled out. I still love the idea but I don’t have the inspiration. So for a few months this has been an excuse for my lazy self not to write much of anything other than the odd short fanfic.

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Fierce Fantasy at Waterstones Norwich

So, apparently, the coding course I’ve started completely scuppered any and all plans I had to get back into writing and blogging and the like in June. But after having attended a book event at Waterstones Norwich as a blogger friend’s plus one, I’ve been inspired to get my arse back into gear. Finally.

On Monday 29th July, Waterstones Norwich was host to the Fierce Fantasy event with three wonderful authors on the panel; Christine Lynn Herman with her debut The Devouring Gray, Adrienne Young with her debut Sky in the Deep and Sarah Maria Griffin with her second book Other Words for Smoke.

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My Goals

I’ve been so terrible with this blog and I know it.

It’s not how I want to be running this blog but things happen and I lose steam easily. But I’m going to change that and I’m posting about it now so I can be held accountable.

From Monday onwards I will need to be writing a minimum of two blog posts a week – one book review and one other post.

I need to get back into my novel writing as well but I’ll post about that another time…

So I hope you’ll all stay with me and enjoy what new content I provide!

And please remember that responses will just encourage me to write more 😉

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Oh, it’s just a superhero book!


Superheroes are a big thing these days. Whether you’re into Marvel, DC, My Hero Academia or whatever else, you or someone else you know probably has the superhero bug.

And this has slipped into our reading habits as well.

Obviously there have been superhero books around for years but more are coming out or more people are beginning to read them. So I’m going to talk about a few I’ve read and loved then finish on a few I want to read.

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A Fresh Start

So, this isn’t my first book blog. I actually had one under the same name on Blogger. But WordPress looks like the place to be and since I felt like I needed a fresh start to get my butt into gear…where better to move?

I’m honestly not sure what else to say but I’ll try and keep this more up to date than my other blog was!