A UK Book Box and Book Subscription Guide

A UK Book Box and Book Subscription Guide

A few years ago, I posted a guide to the UK book boxes around with my opinions. Times have changed, a few of those boxes have gone down, and there are a few more options, including subscriptions. I’ve not received all of them, so I can’t rank them. But I thought an updated post could be helpful for fellow bookworms in the UK!

That said, I’ve never received some of these boxes or subscriptions, so if I’ve missed one or gotten some information wrong, then let me know so I can update this post!

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How to Build a Book Box


The world is a nightmare right now and all we can do is try to ride this wave out. But birthdays and special occasions are still happening and you may feel bad about not doing something as special for your loved ones and friends. Especially if you can’t spend time with them.

But something I’ve been doing for a while is making makeshift book boxes as gifts. You don’t need to spend a lot of time and money to make one. As long as you know where to shop and make sure everything is clean you could have a nice little gift to mail or leave outside of their houses.

With everything going on this can be a good way to support the small businesses that are still open and there’s plenty of cheap options if you’re worried about money too.

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