A UK Book Box and Book Subscription Guide

A UK Book Box and Book Subscription Guide

A few years ago, I posted a guide to the UK book boxes around with my opinions. Times have changed, a few of those boxes have gone down, and there are a few more options, including subscriptions. I’ve not received all of them, so I can’t rank them. But I thought an updated post could be helpful for fellow bookworms in the UK!

That said, I’ve never received some of these boxes or subscriptions, so if I’ve missed one or gotten some information wrong, then let me know so I can update this post!

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Attack of the UK Book Box

I recently wrote a post on building your own book box but there are plenty out there to choose from. I’d love to get some of the U.S ones but looking at the cost of shipping makes me cry so I’ve been working through the UK ones.

I’ve tried what I’d consider the main 4 boxes for UK YA book boxes – the ones that often if not always feature fantasy books – and I thought I’d share the good things about them and which I think is most worth the money.

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