ReadersFirst vs Bookish First – A Comparison

ReadersFirst vs Bookish First – A Comparison

As book bloggers, we’re all looking for ways to read and review books before the publication date. One way to get early finished copies is to sign up for ReadersFirst in the UK or BookishFirst in the US. The two sites are owned and run by NetGalley now. Though in the past, ReadersFirst at least was its own thing.

I used to use ReadersFirst a lot. Mostly when they used to offer a lot of books published by Hot Key Books. Now I generally request the chick-lit or romance novels that go up every now and then. I do enjoy getting the chance to win those types of books, so that is a big plus point for me. They also had The Heart Principle by Helen Hoang on there, recently, and The Cruel Prince back when that came out. So they do sometimes get some highly anticipated releases amongst the lesser-known titles.

Obviously, I’ve never used BookishFirst. I’m not in the US, so I can’t win any of the books. Though thinking about it, maybe I should take advantage of some of the samples. See if I do actually want to read the books on there I’m interested in or not. Though I can’t use the site properly, I do check it out every now and then to see what books they offer and have recommended it to American friends before.

With all this in mind, I decided to compare ReadersFirst and BookishFirst. Both sites are very similar, but there are definitely some differences.

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