Reviews & Tours – Things to Keep In Mind

Reviews & Tours – Things to Keep In Mind

As I’m sure you’ve seen on here, I’m lucky to be someone who does get granted review copies and sometimes even gets to be part of book tours. It’s something that is still so exciting. Yet as I try to organise myself, I realise that I still make mistakes. I’m pretty sure that these are mistakes that we all make sometimes, so I wanted to write out a post sharing those things we should be keeping in mind.

Whether your review copies come from NetGalley, authors or tour companies, these are things you should keep in mind no matter where you’re getting your books from.

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A Poor Person’s Guide For Producing Bookish Content

A Poor Person’s Guide For Producing Bookish Content

All bloggers have some kind of post that they feel they have to write. A post that really means something to them because it’s something they deal with and understand. I’ve written other posts on that, on things like gender and writing. But something I don’t talk about much is. Well, being poor. Because I am poor, my whole family is. We not so poor that we worry about being on the streets, fortunately, but poor enough that we have to watch what we spend. We have to look at things and wonder if it’s worth it.

And honestly? A lot of the time bookish stuff doesn’t make the cut. I do still buy too many new books. And I really need to stop. But I know there are others out there who may feel that not getting all the new releases? That maybe it’s not worth being a book blogger or booktuber or bookstagrammer. And honestly? That’s not true. You can make do with what you have. I could make do with what I already have if I started being sensible when it came to new books.

You might be wondering why I made this post, and I’m going to get into that now. But I basically wanted to share a few tips.

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Bookstagram: Tips, Tricks and Treats

Bookstagram: Tips, Tricks and Treats

I’m someone who has been on bookstagram for…well, let’s just say a good few years. I’ve only recently reached 500 followers. Which compared to the big accounts, isn’t many. I know this. But I’m still proud. Because it’s a huge amount compared to what I had even a year ago. I’ve learned how to utilize bookstagram, and though I wouldn’t claim to be an expert – my follower count would suggest otherwise if I tried to – I have learned some things that might help people out.

So today, I want to talk to you about some things I’ve learned, some things I think we should all think about, and a few things that might make you happy.

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Choose Your Own TBR Adventure #2

Choose Your Own TBR Adventure #2

This TBR game is a continuation of the ideal ending from #1. This means this month is a little shorter as a continuation but next month’s will be a brand new story.

The video for this will be up on my Youtube Channel on 26th August so please come and watch me play it! If you want to have a go at this yourself then do so and let me know how it goes!

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Bookstagram on a Budget

Hello, Hello, Hello Friends!


Isn’t this photo pretty? Would you believe that aspects of this were done on a budget? I don’t exactly have much money. I don’t currently have a job so I wind up taking photos of the books I own already but I’ve been trying to do so with some twists.

I thought I’d share my suggestions so you can try them out yourself!

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