Book Review: Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall

Book Review: Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall

New favourite book alert!

I was lucky enough to have my wish granted to read this book on NetGalley and though I wasn’t hugely excited to read this book eventually…it was so damn good!

This book is being toted as a romance novel but in reality it reads more like lad lit. For those who don’t know, lad lit is a sub genre of chick-lit. Just like chick-lit, these books focus on the relationships, friendships and work life but with a comedic tone. Even when they get emotional. But where chick-lit is about women, lad lit is about men.

Boyfriend Material is essentially queer lad lit. It focuses on Luc, the son of two musicians from the 80’s who after he gets papped, needs to find a guy to date who will improve his reputation for the sake of his work. Enter Oliver, a vegetarian barrister who Luc would rather not date but, somehow, they agree to fake date and wind up falling in love.

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