To DNF or Not To DNF

Putting down books or DNFing (DNF stands for Did Not Finish) is a contentious topic within the book community. Many people don’t like leaving books incomplete. Other people feel they have to reach a certain amount of pages before they can give up on a book.

Personally, I DNF a lot. If I don’t get into a book within the first few pages. Or at least see some promise. Then I will put it down.

I’m both proud of this, and I’m not. No one wants to give up on a book. Whether we’ve bought or borrowed, if we’ve picked up a book then we want to read it. We want to love it. Giving up on a book might mean we can move onto reading something that we’ll actually like. But it’s still disappointing. So by DNFing a lot I both free up space. And I also wind up getting a lot of books that I don’t actually like.

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