Mini TBR – April 2021

Mini TBR – April 2021

Hello guys!

I know this post is a little later than usual. Things have been a little chaotic at my end. And my brain has been a little bit of a mess too. If I’m honest, I only just realised this post was going to be late. But that’s fine, it’s my blog, so I can do what I like. Plus, it’ll still be up at the beginning of the month, so, y’know.

This is probably going to be a little shorter than my mini TBR’s usually are because, well, my reading hasn’t been going great. Where I usually wind up starting on my mini TBR books before the month actually begins – oops – this month, I still have three books on my current TBR. So, for once I should be only reading these books during the month. And since they’re not exactly tiny books, I want to be able to actually get through them all.

I also won’t be listing any ARCs this month. I do have a few to read including a manga book. But since none of them are published in April. And focusing on ARCs so much has exhausted me a little. I’m taking a break for at least the first half of the month. I’m gonna focus on reading books I’ve bought for a bit, but I should hopefully be getting some reviews up for those too. I will have a Manga ARC review coming up sometime soon, but I don’t include manga on my TBR.

So without further ado: my mini TBR!

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BLOG TOUR: Dread the Harvest Moon by Sarah Glenn Marsh

BLOG TOUR: Dread the Harvest Moon by Sarah Glenn Marsh

So if you’ve seen me talking about books on any social media platform then you probably know that Sarah Glenn Marsh is one of my favourite authors and actually, just one of my favourite people in general. She is an amazing, super sweet person and the Reign of the Fallen duology is one of my favourite series EVER.

I knew her debut was Fear the Drowning Deep but I’m terrible and only recently got around to reading it. But with the companion novel Dread the Harvest Moon coming out I knew I had to read it because I so wanted to be part of this blog tour. And what better timing to talk about these historical fantasies set on the Isle of Man then Faedathon?

Fear the Drowning Deep featured many creatures from Manx folklore, creatures I hadn’t heard much about and I was so excited to learn about. With the new book going to follow the main character of the first book’s sister a few years later and more focused on the fae, I’m super excited for that too.

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