2020: The Time for a Dystopian Return?

2020: The Time for a Dystopian Return?

Ah dystopia. A sub-genre of sci-fi that was all the rage a few years ago. When I was still a teenager myself actually. But it’s a genre that I still love today and I’m hoping to write my own one day.

But a lot of the dystopian books I love aren’t the ones usually recommended.

So with the world being such a mess now and with a new Hunger Games (a series that will never be on my personal dystopian rec list) having coming out this year and a new Legend book last year (definitely worth a read) I thought maybe now’s the time to bring back dystopian books. Vampires are getting a new lease of life after all!

So all these books are completed series. I have three books that I read when I was younger and another series that were written and released within the last few years. These aren’t the only dystopian books I’ve adored and if you want more recs then I’m always happy to provide! Or accept any you want to give me in return!

So let’s get started.

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