Mini TBR – February 2021

Mini TBR  – February 2021

Sharing a mini TBR last month was a lot of fun, and I can happily tell you that I have completed it! Admittedly, I did wind up reading Blood and Honey in December after writing the January post. But, I still read the book, so I’m totally counting it. One of the books was also a DNF, which was a shame, but I’m not mad about it. There are too many good books out there to force myself to finish one I’m not enjoying. I also didn’t quite complete the very large pile my mini TBR was chosen from. It was so close though! I only have like two books left on it, but I threw in some ARCs and some library books and it all adds up to extra reading.

But I completed my mini TBR, and I want to celebrate that!

And by celebrate, I mean, let me share my mini TBR for February.

What? Don’t pretend you didn’t know what the celebration was going to be. This time I’m going to list the ARCs I plan on reading this month as well. There’s always a chance I’ll pick a few more of these up, but I have banned myself from requesting on NetGalley for a bit, so, hopefully not XD.

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